Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007...

It's really hard to do a "Year in Review". Just because "recent" memory is foremost in our thoughts. This year was not a terrible year but it had it's down/bad moments.

I think it would be best to to back and hit the high points of the year~~
**I joined Knitters Treat Exchange and was paired up with my new friend Terri from "Down Undah"
**At the Spring Spinners Retreat @ Hawks Nest I met and "forged" another blogger friendship. Her name? Robin! ("forged" if you're not a reader of her blog, I'll fill y'all in...her Hubby took a blacksmithing class while she took a spinning class at John C Campbell earlier this year)
**I enabled taught several new knitters...both young and old (boy, she'll kill me for that remark)
**Continually connected on a "cosmic level" with my buddy GourdonGirl...who I'll get to meet in person this summer!
**We took several camping trips and one big trip to AZ, where I was caught knitting at the game!
**I tried my "hands" at another hobby~~pun intended!! Which I found was great for some of the summer frustrations I experienced!
**Friends & Family made my birthday very special!
**Jenn sent me a great Football-a-long Swap package...I wish her all the luck for the coming year~~she's going to have a big one!
**In May DD and I joined Weight Watchers with success. Now, we're not finished yet, but so far she's lost 42 lbs and I've lost 25 lbs (and 3 pant sizes)...Christmas has been a landmine for me, I just know I've gained.
**There were 2 BIG things that happened this year~~Son #2 is getting married in 2009 and DSD blessed us with our first Grandson, Landon.
**Just this month Son #1 gave me a Christmas present I've wanted for 8 years...he completed his GED and has enrolled in College courses!! Now I have 3 kids in college!
Speaking of Son #1...he finally rid himself and the family of TGFH forever!

The year 2007 left a lot of sadness in the hearts of many close to us. I pray for the healing of those hearts. Peace & Happiness is never far away...

My Knitting count for the year goes as follows:
8 pairs of socks
2 stoles
4 charity items
2 vests
2 baby sweaters
1 calorimetry
1 baby blanket
1 felted flamingo
Wow...I feel like I've been knitting more than that this year!

I look forward to a bright and shiny 2008 with many joys and success for everyone. I appreciate all the new friendships I've made this year and look forward to getting to know you all better in the coming year.
Thanks for your friendship and all your inspirational knitting and kind words as I slowly work through my queue of projects. Which grows on a daily basis...I'll never get it all done~~Have you seen Anne's new pattern? She's going to be the death of me!
Thank you ALL for coming back to read my ramblings...being a friend in the time of need and keeping me laughing!!

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

Keep on Knittn' & Spinnin' in 2008!!


Dana said...

Great 2007 recap Robin! I'm catching up myself here too.

First of all, I'm sorry for your recent loss. Adele sounded like a wonderful woman. I would suggest that you finish the cap and donate it in her memory.

Congrats on your DD picking up the needles again (you enabler, you) and on DS1 going back to school.

Have a fantastic new year! XOXOX

chanknits said...

Lots of promising things there. I hope 2008 brings you more to celebrate.

Rachel said...

Sounds like overall, a great, productive year! I'm glad I found your blog and can't wait to see what you get into during 2008!

craftycat said...

Oh I'm so glad I found you again! Somehow you disappeared from my bloglines. Isn't Robin awesome!!!! Oh oh tell me you are going to her retreat this month?!? Oh are you???


Nikki said...

What a great recap...

and Oh Canada! wow... I think that's one I neeeeeeeeed... after I'm back to buying yarn will you help me pick out some yarn??

Becky said...

Sounds like you had a great year, despite your losses. The best thing about my year is that I met you and gained a new friend!

Robin said...

Gosh! Was it just last March that we met?? Seems like I've known you forever! Have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Margaret said...

Happy New Year! Yes, every year has its down moments, but all in all, it sounds like you've had a lot of wonderful times too! Are you going to be knitting that Wahoo sock yarn tomorrow afternoon?

Terri said...

Goodness was the Knitters Treat Exchange only this year?? I feel like I've known you for years already!! :o) Now don't get discouraged by any Christmas weight gain, it only becomes a blow-out if you don't pick up the reigns again come Jan 2 and keep going as before. Thank heaven's Christmas food comes but once a year!!! I think you guys got the short end of the stick on that one. It's so hard not to over-indulge in cold weather.

Bobbi said...

Happy New Year, Sis!!
I totally agree about Anne's genius! What are we going to do!?!

Opal said...

Despite the down spots, 2007 sounds like a wonderfully productive and joyous year! Your list is quite impressive!

Here's wishing you an equally (if not more) productive 2008!