Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve!

Wow--another year has passed, as always leaves me saying "where does time go?" I guess I've been so busy taking life day by day I forget to look back till we get to this point. I know I've been a bad blogger, I'll try to do better but as always I really don't like "resolutions"--they always get broken. So I choose to have "intentions" for the coming year. No, I won't make them here but instead on a day by day basis, also known as my "bucket list."
As my bucket list increases one of those will be achieved tomorrow morning at 9am...I WILL begin my year running! This run is a challenge put before us by our local running group--Here's the Route if you are curious or want to join us!

In 2011 I added swimming to my already busy schedule, which adds another "item" to my bucket list...if I can conquer the stupid bicycle I may give a triathlon a shot! Training has begun for my next 1/2 marathon in March. I'm helping to coach the 1/2 marathon/marathon training team at the Y...let's see what else I can add to the mix!

While 2011 didn't start out so well with the loss of my Uncle the year has come to a close on a good note as we welcomed 3 new members into our family. DS#1 got married, I have a new daughter and 2 granddaughters out of the deal!!


There was a lot of knitting this year, though it seems I didn't post a lot about it here...again--'cause I'm a BAD blogger!
Christmas knitting was all about "hats"--each of the girls got an earflap hat. I used a great, FAST pattern from Juniper Farms called Sluggy Bonnet.

Sorry for the crappy pics but I forgot my good camera and had to use my phone to document them...yeah, I also forgot to photograph them BEFORE wrapping them!!
I think I need to make one of these for myself!!

MY project had to be put on hold with all the gift knitting going on. This is sort of the icing on the cake for my 2011 knitting!

I will use a Gaelic word--crìochnaichte--EVERYTHING about this sweater means Highlander!

From the fiber I spun called "Highlander" to the place where I spun it while on vacation--Grayson Highlands State Park--to the pattern named the North Ronaldsay ram horn buttons sent to me as a gift from my Shona in Scotland!! I LOVE THIS SWEATER!!!

Well...with that I'll get on with preparing for the rest of the day. Rudy & Milo are pooped from all the "busy-i-ness" of the holidays--Santa was good to them...and they deserve it--they have been really good boys! Hubby has been SUPER busy making his dulcimers. He is SUPER talented!

My Wahoos play in the Chick-fil-a Bowl tonight...My Cowboys play a BIG game tomorrow--hoping for the BEST!!

I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year!! See you NEXT YEAR!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!