Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Here's my Spinning FO's--

The North Ronaldsay (145 yds) is from my Bestest Good Buddy...the one and only...Gourdongirl! I think I'm going to make me a headband for walking in this cold...cold weather! See I shouldn't have complained bragged about the unseasonably warm weather we were having earlier this month!

The Black Cherry Moonshine (285 yds) is much like the Dolphin Dance, the differences are that this has a little more blues & purples...so I think I'm going to use it along with the Dolphin dance for a color variance in the Celtic Vest! I'm still working that one out!

Well...a lot of us are "knitting from our stash" so far...I don't know if you've read
this or not but check out another view on the concept of "Stash v Collection"~~I like to consider myself a "Collector of Fine Fibers"!!! Some people collect art...some collect antiques...some collect shoes...others hoard collect fiber/fabric/yarn--The later would be ME! Yes, I'm still working from my stash right now...I must make room for more "collecting"...

We have some weather approaching us in the next couple of days so I took advantage of the *warmer* (45 degrees) temps by getting in a 2.5 mile walk today...I'll be lucky to get another in before Saturday! We are going to have low teens to single digits tonight with dangerous wind chills! Brrrrrrrrrr!

Anyone seen this KAL yet? My buddy Krafty1 emailed me about it today! I might...I might!! I'm also a KAL virgin!

Well...this is taking away from my knitting...gotta get with it!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' and Walkin'!!

Monday, January 29, 2007


Finally some snow...but I had to go TO where it was! (If you click on the picture you can actually see it coming down!) Yes, I was driving...and yes, I did take the picture while driving! Not the first time...in fact, when Hubby and I were out in Wyoming I actually took some pictures while driving 90 mph (Hubby had the wheel at that speed)!!! Yes, I am a dare devil...considering I have driven race cars...wouldn't you say?! There's a lot for y'all to learn about "little ole" me!

Girls Night...spinning & knitting!

Cozy fire...Huh?!

I was able to get a lot of spinning done...little bit of knitting. On Friday night I got a cramp in the palm of my left hand...have you ever?? Now it's tender to pinch or squeeze anything so I'm laying off doing a lot of knitting...D*&N knitting injuries!! Oh well...I can focus on spinning!
Stay tuned...
Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & come on...get out there and Walk!! (Yeah...I know it's cold!)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Show Your Wallpaper!!

When reading my favorite blogs...as I do every morning I found on Carole's this cleaver idea from Kat..."Show Your Wallpaper!"
Here's mine...The Snow Angel! I took this picture a couple years ago at Peaks of Otter on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hubby and I spent a wonderful Saturday in 2005 hiking in the snow...we got some great shots!

There are lots of "challenges" going on...besides Runagogo check out Roberta's blog for some other things to participate in.

So...where am I in my walking? I only was able to muster a 1/2 mile this afternoon...the blowing snow and d&$m wind stopped me in my tracks! I can take the snow, I LOVE walking in the snow...on the other hand I HATE wind! It's the main ingredient of some of my worst headaches!

Well...lots to do! Getting ready for an all GIRL weekend!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & Walkin'!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well...Cousin Kim's socks are finished! I've yet to block them...

Pattern: Elongated Corded Rib from "Sensational Knitted Socks" by Charlene Schurch.

Yarn: Regia Linien Color #5284

This makes my 10th completed pair of socks!!

I can't believe it...me...the person who said "I"ll NEVER knit something that me (or someone else) will place on their foot and stick in to a shoe!" All I can now is--"Never say--Never!" Am I obsessed? Look for yourself! Here's my sock yarn stash:
(click on the picture to enlarge!)

So...yes I am ready for *Wintry Weather*...which, by the way, we are SUPPOSED to be getting today. Oh I suppose freezing rain and sleet is technically *wintry weather*...but...I WANT SNOW!!! Now I know that Scout, Shelly and many others out West are getting plenty of it and probably are sick of it...and I'm sure I would be in I were in their shoes, but we just haven't had a significant snow for several years! Our last blizzard was in March of '96! And as I've said before with the unseasonably warm weather we were having is any indication...we are due for something!

Since we are NOT getting snow...another great activity for being indoors is--
Being Ace-sleep! Mr Ace is a MASTER at it...check out these photos:

Ms. Shona...I like Mommy's shawl too! You see she keeps it on the back of the couch and wraps up in it when she's knitting...today when she came into the room I was using it--I got in trouble...after she took the picture!

I'm bored with you...Mom stop taking my picture!

My walking miles increased this week...I logged 9 miles (something tells me I won't get a walk in today). I wish "knitting miles" counted!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & Walkin'!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Celtic Lattice vest I chose to be my first steeking project is on hold…I’m currently looking for another design to work on. This has nothing to do with the fact I would have to cut my knitting…I came to terms with that—and kept telling myself “It’ll be okay—It’ll be okay…”

This all stems from the fact that I RARELY use the yarn called for when knitting. I make sure I get gauge…and make further size adjustments as needed. This pattern is not going to allow me to do this, there are 3 sizes each size is determined by the size needle you use—not by how many stitches you cast on. I’m using my homespun which is sport weight requiring size 5 or 6 needles, so I swatched and got gauge on size 6 needles…took several times but eventually I got it! BUT—I bet you knew that was coming…once I *metered* my yarn I’m afraid I’m going to come up short with the “Dolphin Dance” (turquoise) color, and
David Simpson doesn’t have anymore of this fiber…big UH-OH! I would hate to get almost to the end only to run out! So…I’m going to work on designing my own vest pattern, which may or may not be steeked. It will be an intarsia design…wish me luck!

Everything I’ve been doing lately has been from my stash…and believe me I have plenty of stash!! So I’m going to find another pattern to do my first steeking with! I thought about fooling around with this design to make it work but being that this is my first time steeking I don’t think I want to make it more complicated!

I’ve been perusing
Garnstudio and have seen many, many beautiful patterns…possibly too many to choose just one! If you’ve never been there you would be doing yourself a big favor by checking it out!!!

Walking progress---1 ½ miles today! Froze my buns off but I did it!!

Knitting progress---I’ve started on the second sock for my cousin and beginning to turn the heel on the

Spinning---I’m almost done with the
North Ronaldsay and getting ready to ply it.

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & Walkin'!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Worrisome Wednesday

Sorry for another somber post…

I don’t know if I’ve posted about the fact that my youngest son’s girlfriend (this is the one with the GREAT girlfriend) was accepted to UVA back in December where she will finish up her degree (2 years) then go on to Pharmaceutical school possibly at MCV in Richmond (personally I’m hoping that Radford will open theirs in time…it’s only a rumor right now). This past Monday and Tuesday was moving day for her, of course Chase helped…last night on his way home he called me upset…the realization that for 3 years they had been inseparable…now he will only see her on weekends, when either she will come home or he will go to Charlottesville to visit. From Roanoke it’s a 2 ½ hr trip…one way. The hardest thing for me was not being able to hold him in my arms to comfort him, so I made him pull over and get a drink to calm down. I want so bad to be there for everything but have to remember…he’s grown up now and I can’t always make the boo-boo’s go away.

We all will miss her…but now I have an additional worry—mothers do that you know! No…not about whether their relationship will survive the time apart, they are perfect for each other and very close, in fact, I think it will make them stronger. Hubby and I lived a long distance relationship for 4 (lllloooonnnnnggg) years I know what that pain feels like. No it was after UVA beat Maryland (Wahoo!) in last nights basketball game 48 Hours featured the story of young Taylor Behl, a VCU student who was brutally murdered in Sept 2005…by a man who, in my opinion, lived to prey on young, naive college students. He doesn’t look as old as he IS (38 years old) and, in my opinion, made himself look like *Johnny Depp*…what young girl wouldn’t be fascinated? But he changed his appearance often…if you get a chance read the story. If the link doesn't connect correctly...just Google--Taylor Behl. Her Mom has also written a book about her ordeal titled "Love You More" by Janet Pelesara, I'm debating on whether I want to read it yet...maybe I should let the *worries* subside a little?!

Both my step-daughters live in Richmond and the youngest graduated in 2005 from VCU. It really hits close to home when you KNOW students/young people who are living there! And…Taylor’s body was found in a place that is only 20 minutes from where Hubby is from…it just feels….scary! So what does a worrying mother do after watching this…dream, dream and dream…all night long…not good ones either! I know that Jess is older than Taylor was attending her first year of college but the worry is still there…

But the good news is that Chase has decided to go take College courses himself…since he will have plenty of time on his hands…and get his Business Management degree! Yippee…something I’ve waited on for several years now! So there are good things….and worrisome things, but it will all turn out for the good…I have to believe that.

I know he won’t read this but…”Mommy says it’ll be okay!”

I'll have to take me a nap this afternoon....after my walk...since I didn't get much sleep last night!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & Walkin'!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I've finally thawed out my fingers so I can type!
This Run-a-go-go thing is....WONDERFUL for my motivation in more ways than one! My friend JH tells me today that her hubby...lets call him CH...is checking my *totals* each day and then asking her where she's at in the running (no pun intended)! He thinks she's going to beat me...because this cold weather is going to bring me to a halt?!?! Mwahahahaha-Mwahahahaha! Guess what Mr CH...cold-blustery wind, headache and all I took a walk today...all be it a short one, but I DID WALK!! I kept watching out the window to see if the winds were calming down...and of course, just when I thought I could make it the d*&m winds start up again...so I shortened it to 3/4 mile. He CH...3/4 is better than no mile!! Not to mention I had lunch with my friend SP and needed to relieve some guilt! Check out my progress HERE--see where I rank against everyone else!!! I'm up there buddy!!

The other motivation is that when I'm walking, especially when I'm alone--usually Mom is with me and we are blabbing the whole time--I can put together my next post! I know I'll come in and post my progress on both my blog and Run-a-go-go site.
Speaking of lunch I have a story to tell...are ya ready? Be prepared long post...you might want to get your tissues...
It's a LOVE story! Valentine's day is coming!

As you all know...if you've been reading for a while...I'm not a *girly-girl* I have many more male friends than female...because I grew up such a tomboy--I just get along better with the guys. I love sports, cars, motorcycles...etc. Now don't get me wrong I do love to dress up on occasions...anyway on with the story. Some of you may know this story already...now...I know he would be really mad at me for doing this so please don't tell him....
I have a very good friend (he's like a brother), who I met when I started Civil War Reenacting (I don't like using their names because they may not like it--just initials) BS who's wife, SS, and I became very good friends. She had been in a horrific car accident, before I met her, that had left her partially handicapped. At our Civil War events we would pal around and I would watch after her when he was on the field during *battle*...she enjoyed her life and tried to live as normal as she possibly could. This couple...you just knew were destined to be together...forever! In October 2000 they renewed their wedding vows in the meadow on their property...a glorious day! As Jack and I were planning our wedding BS & SS were part of it from the start! Our wedding was to be in June (2001).
Fast forward to May 2001...Hubby and I were at the hospital visiting my Dad, who had just had his first knee replacement surgery and listening to the concert taking place in the venue across from the hospital. When my cell phone rings (I don't know exactly why but normally I turn my cell phone off or leave it in the vehicle) it's BS...he had called our house to learn where we were, he said he was in the emergency room and needed us right away. All he said is there had been an accident involving SS...that's all it took--Bye Dad and we were gone.
It's times like these the elevators take forever to get to your floor and you feel as though someone on the d*&m thing has pushed every button...
We arrive to find out that SS had fallen off her horse...now I know you'll ask why someone who was partially handicapped was on a horse--you would have to have known her...she was determined to be normal and live normal! The prognosis was not good...to make a long story short...brain stem injury. This is a very sticky subject and very controversial...I don't think one should judge unless you have been in this situation...This was BS's & her families decision and as a friend I was there to hold him up...She was gone...the family left her on life support for a while hoping there would be some chance she would recover...we all were hoping for this. Tests, tests and more tests. Everyday we were there...talking to her...combing her hair...rubbing her arms...looking for some sign that SS was still with us, and every time a brain scan was done...the same result--negative...no brain activity. The day came when the decision was made...we were there to give her a kiss and say goodbye. No suffering...no pain except for what was in all our hearts. Sometimes the greatest love is letting go...
Jack and I didn't get married that June...we were finally married a year later and BS was still a part of it! In SS's memory I placed a candle and picture of her where she would have stood. Later that year I met someone who...and sometime you just know these things...I knew would be perfect for him...I waited...and waited...and waited until I thought he was ready. And it's funny how things sometimes happen...before I could ask him he said he wanted (his words)"some female company to talk to"...I said "So what am I--chopped liver?" But I knew what he meant...my response--"I have the perfect person for you to meet!" So I set up a date for them to casually run into each other...he was to meet us there but arrived much earlier and much to my surprise--they were already talking and laughing with each other! Their first official date was in May 2005...and they are still together today! In fact, I had lunch with SP today!!! Am I GOOD or what?? I don't make a habit of "setting people up" in fact, this was the first time I had EVER done this sort of thing...but somehow I just knew these two were made for each other. Destiny I say...Destiny! I don't think I'll ever try match make again....once you get it right...no need to try it again! Sometimes I think SS guided this whole thing...because she knew now lonely he was...
He had always said that SS was "The love of his life" but I think SP is his soul mate!
Like Forrest said "Peas & Carrots"! I see the love in their eyes...and knowing what I have in my life...I know what they are feeling!! Jack and I are "Peas & Carrots" too! For this I'm thankful everyday for those in my life...because you never know when you might blink and they'll be gone. Be sure and tell your loved ones (friends & family) everyday how much you love them!

The quote I read at her Memorial service:
"No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye, you were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why..."

Okay...I think I need to go blow my nose...


Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & Walkin"!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Big L!!!!

Okay, I'm a Loser...and still a STR Virgin! I have no retailer in my area...you see--I'm a feeler...I like to fondle an feel (sometimes even smell it--yum) my yarn before I buy it---Maybe I just need to get over this and take the plunge?! Oh Socks-That-Rock looks scrumptious...it seems everyone has some on their blog...but I'm also interested in Scout's yarns and fibers....her colorways are so pretty....go on over and take a look at her gallery of color!! Mmmmmmmmm--

Other happenings at *The Coop*--
So today I learned how to add progress bars to my blog...

Hubby and I biked 3.75 miles today...he was off from work--I, of course, was NOT! Yes, my legs feel like jello!

I'm still working on my courage to start my Steeking project...you would think that after 30+ years of knitting I'd be willing to try anything...and I am--except cutting my knitting!! Arrrgghhh...I'll get past this--I have to!

And I found out what *Mythical Creature* I am:
You Are a Chimera

You are very outgoing and well connected to many people.
Incredibly devoted to your family and friends, you find purpose in nurturing others.
You are rarely alone, and you do best in the company of others.
You are incredibly expressive, and people are sometimes overwhelmed by your strong emotions.

Do I overwhelm you?? I didn't think I did...sorry!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & Walkin'!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Spinning & WIP's

I just thought I should really prove that I am Knittin' & Spinnin'...I think you can tell by the ticker above that I AM doing my walkin'!! I'm 1/4 of the way to 100 miles!! WooHoo!! Luckily the weather here on the weekends (so far) have been very, very nice...I'm just afraid we're going to pay for it come March & April...I feel a blizzard on the horizon! Our last 'blizzard' was in March of 1996 (nearly 3 feet of snow)...I think we are about due. So...this beautiful weather has afforded some great walking days! By mid-week we are supposed to be back to freezing temps...I'm starting to worry about my flowers...I think I mentioned before that my daffodils are coming up...my Blaze Azalea is budding--

I don't want to lose this....this coming spring! Hubby took this picture this past April!

Day lilies are budding....I feel like were in Florida...OMG!! MIL can't call anymore bragging about the weather...WE'RE having FL weather!

Okay onto the WIP's....
My North Ronaldsay is coming along beautifully...I wish you could feel this stuff! Its a most unusual fiber--there is fluff, wooly fiber and hair that looks like angora...not guard hairs, they're very soft and add the specks of color to your spun fiber.

It's hard to get a picture that gives you an idea of what I'm talking about...The first time I spun this fiber I purchased it at one of the Fall Fiber Festivals from SpiritTrail Fiberworks. I spun that as singles and knitted me a pair of mitts out of it...it's a little *scratchy* but very warm & comfortable. This however has a must softer feel to it, very different but yet the same appearance! I think I'm going to ply this...it just hasn't spoken to me yet to say what it wants to become!

I have a couple pairs of socks in the works...the red ones are made from Regia and are a B-day gift for my cousin who will be celebrating her 40th B-day next month! HaHa...join the ranks of *falling apart*...I keep wondering what's going to happen in a few years when I hit the next milestone?!? I'm using the Elongated Corded Rib pattern from "Sensational Knitted Socks" and the other pair are for Moi! Of course you probably recognize the pattern...Jaywalkers (I love this pattern for self-striping yarn)! For these I'm using the Austermann Stepp yarn...my hands feel so good when I finally put these down! I can't wait to put them on my tootsies!

No...I haven't started my Steeking project yet...but that's on the table along with a baby sweater for a friend who's expecting, more socks, a sweater vest for my Dad, a sweater for my hubby and anything else that hits my fancy! I've got plenty of spinning fiber so IF that blizzard does decide to hit....Baby, I'm ready!!!!

Still no word on the STR Virgin contest...I'm waiting...hoping...and on my knees!!

One more thing...I know my Mom doesn't use the internet (that's what I'm for) so I know she's not upset about this but I forgot to post (not to mention I felt like crap) on Thursday....Happy Birthday Mom!! I had made her a pair of Jaywalkers out of Trekking XXL. She was very excited about her socks!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & (come on--you can do it!) Walkin'!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Breaking News...

***Breaking News*** (I feel like Arnold Horshack--OOH-OOH-OOH!!)

This YarnHen is a STR Virgin...I admit it! But remember, I'm also the *chick* who swore she would NEVER knit socks...now I'm hooked! I've knit with Trekking XXL, LionBrand Magic Stripes, Brown Sheep Wildfoote, Regia, Lorna's Laces, Austermann Stepp and my own handspun...but never have I tried the most talked about...hardest to aquire (for me at least)...and seemingly most untouchable yarn on the market...Blue Moon's Fiber Arts Socks-That-Rock! So I wanna know what it's all about...I found out last yesterday that Cara is having a contest...for STR Virgins!!!! To give us the opportunity to try this *Ultimate* sock yarn! I've commented 3 times in hopes that I'll be picked as one of the lucky winners...(third time's the charm ya know!)

Note to Cara...If you read this PAALEEZE pick me as one of your lucky recipients! I need to try this sock yarn!! I need to try what everyone is talking about...I have no retailers in my area to purchase from...I know I can order it online but you see...this STR Virgin must *feel(up)* the yarn!!
I don't care what color you send, I just wanna *pop-the-cherry* with this yarn!! Get if over with...and feel the need to buy more...and more!

Now...back to our regularly scheduled program...

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & Walkin'!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A day with Friends...near & far!

Today was just one of those days...a PMSing crappy day...but with a little help from my friends I managed to get by (borrowing words from The Beatles)! Had a lunch date with some very special buds...Thanks guys for putting up with my mopey--dopey mood! The when I arrived home...at the door was a package from a VERY special friend across the pond!

A New Years Package!!! Full of day brightening goodies...

Some reminders of how close we are even though there's an ocean between us!! Some day...some day...I'll get there!!

A cute "Sheepie" desk calendar...I don't know how she knew that I hadn't bought a calendar for work yet?!?

A very special "Good Luck" box....

We have a lot to toast to...New Year, Burns Night, Mom's Birthday, Friday's...

There's a book of Scottish names, a keychain--"First Class Librarian" (that's ME!), a pencil box with goodies in it but I think I'm going to use that for my DP needles, some WONDERFUL Alpaca yarn...which I'll have to find the perfect pattern for!
And believe it or not...some candy I've never had before--Scottish Tablet! Which is, I must say, Heavenly!!!! I don't even know how to describe it...

Gourdongirl...You're the BEST! I've said it before and I'll keep saying it! THANK YOU!!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & Walkin'!!

I've got a lot of walking to make up...tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You know things are bad when...

Upon visiting one of my favorite websites today I found this disturbing picture...
Only you can help!!!
You know times are bad when the kitties are homeless...at least their owners put their sweaters on them--that's probably the only way they could get them to sit still for such a picture! Next time you see kitties begging on the street...take them home with you! BTW...I showed Mr. Ace this picture to prove to him that all I've been saying about "the homeless, starving kitties out there" are true...he wanted nothing of it...He says I still can't get a kitten! DARN IT! You just don't know how spoiled this old cat is!!! He really worries everytime I go to this site...I start looking for things I can dress him up in or put on him and take his picture!!!

No walking today...too much talk about the nice warm weather--our second day of wind-wind-and more wind with rain & snow mixed in it! I gave serious thought to getting a walk in but after yesterday's massive headache I've thought better of it.

Well, I think I just go knit or something!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & Walkin'!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Projects & Projections...

Well, on my walking goal you'll notice I've logged 15 miles so far and if my figures are correct I have less than a mile a day to meet my goal by April 1...but if we have anymore days like today I think I'll use those days for "skip day"....and make it up later! I started out on a walk after leaving the library I had to shorten it to a mile because the wind gusting not only made it hard to walk but gave me a spitting sinus headache! OUCH! I do believe that I'm going to continue on with my ticker to see just how far I can walk in a years time...this has really kept me going. I need to drop about 45 lbs...maybe, just maybe I can do it!

On the knitting & spinning front:

I just finished up spinning some Black Alpaca & Black Norwegian (I blended as I was spinning) and I'm getting ready to spin that wonderful North Ronaldsay that by SP8 Buddy sent to me from WoolFest last June!
So you ask...what am I going to do with the black? Remember Dolphin Dance? Those 2 combined are going to be my first Steeking project! And yes...that is the pattern I using. It's not often you see me knit something that's the same colors represented on a pattern...remember--I'm a "non-conformist"!

Well...I've gotta go tend to this headache!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & Walkin'!!!!!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

St Distaff Day!

I never need a reason to sit and spin...but did you know there's a holiday for spinners?? Today is St. Distaff day....or click HERE and HERE for more history!

In England, as well as other countries the days from Christmas through Twelfth Night were considered a time of rest from the labors of spinning. The maidens returned to their work on St. Distaff's Day, January 7th. This day was also known as Rock Day, which is derived from the German word rocken, which means both distaff and woman's. Thus we get the expression "spinning on the rock" which many historians have erroneously confused with a place instead of a day.

Although the maidens resumed their work on St. Distaff's Day, the ploughboys did not return until the Monday following Twelfth -Night. They used this discrepancy to no good by playing pranks on the busy spinners. Most traditional of these was to set fire to the tow and flax which was awaiting processing. The spinners in turn would quench the fire with buckets of water, drenching both fire and firebug.

I know how paranoid I am of moths in my fiber room...I can only imagine what would happen to some idiot "prankster" coming at my fiber with fire! I have my baseball bat bucket of water at the ready!

Well...gotta get ready for my walk!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'

Saturday, January 06, 2007


I just had to show y'all this---

Now that's what I call a CatNap!! And of course...he's snoring! He looks sort of passed out...coming off a catnip high? Not really but Ace does respond differently to catnip than most...for most it's "KittyKrack" not Mr Ace...it's "KittyPot"! He eats it...rolls over on his back...mellows out...munches out...then this happens!! But I know in this case he hasn't had "KittyPot" since Christmas! UNLESS...he has a secret stash??!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'

Friday, January 05, 2007

Dreaming of a White Winter.....

Here in Virginia we are dreaming of a White Winter....today the high was 65 degrees, tomorrow it's going to be even warmer!

Here's a picture to hope for some more "seasonable" weather!

This picture was taken in March of 2004 at Peaks of Otter on the Blue Ridge Parkway...I guess we will have to wait until March to get any winter weather around here! Don't get me wrong...I'm enjoying this warm weather. Taking advantage of...getting my walking in, although today I didn't walk. Feeling a little "pewny" (geez-I don't even know how to spell that word) so I'll get a good one in tomorrow! This week has wore me down...

Last night we had Spin/Knit night...FUN-FUN-FUN!! I just need to start taking the camera with me! But then again I'm so busy spinning & socializing that there's no time for photos! Lots of great projects being created by everyone...

Time to sit....and knit!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Are you up for it?

Consider yourself challenged! Upon reading my favorite blogs...Check out Carole's post today!

Twilight Zone or what?

So far for the New Year...I've logged in 5 miles...I know, I know--but you have to start off slow! How about you? I thinks it's a "do-able" challenge!

Okay...I've added my button---and you can too! No blog necessary Go on over HERE and sign up!

What better way to get in shape or keep your shape and be Healthy---Together!!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Consider it stolen...I don't remember which blog I saw it on! I'm not so sure I'll be doing a Picture-a-Day but I thought with my new calendar it would be appropriate to post this one!


In case you can't read what it says....
"A mile walked with a friend contains only a hundred steps"---Russian Proverb

Fitting for many reasons...but formost in my mind is the fact I NEED to walk...and who better to walk with? Any takers??

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007's first FO!!

Well...we made it to another year! I hope that this New Year brings you all your hearts desire!

First day of the New Year and I have a FO to show you!!! My FAV (only) neice turns 5 tomorrow! So here's here little socks:

For MY Little Angel!!! She asked me to make her a pair of socks during the summer when we were camping and she noticed I was busy making all the socks for Christmas. I started them as the Little Angel socks from the book "Socks, Socks, Socks" but that pattern bothered me...all those little angels with the "bobble stitch" heads--to me it seemed as though they would bothersome when you wore them in shoes...maybe not so much with dress sandals. So I ripped them out and decided to wait till all the Christmas knitting was finished to come up with a plan. So in essence I guess these are a design of my own using a pattern stitch from another. I don't know if that constitutes being my design but hey, I don't think I broke a copyright law!
Here's the detail of the angel!

Happy Birthday Maggie!!

Here's a funny I received in an email newsletter---

I've been spinning on the new wheel...what a cadillac! I'll show pictures of the yarn later.

I've also started (yet another) pair of socks! Who would have ever thought that I would be so hooked on making these? Hubby loves his socks and I plan to make more for him. This latest pair is using the new Austermann Step yarn...what a great yarn to work with--after just a short time your hands feel so soft from holding it.

Well...gotta go take down the tree and decorations--and get my Black-eyed peas on to cook...so I can spin!!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'