Tuesday, October 31, 2006



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Here's hoping you all get "treats" and no "tricks"!

I know she'll get me this Thursday at KnitNight but...go on over and wish Tanya a Happy Birthday....she's 29...again! Tell her a little "Birdie" told you!

Also I want to send out a Happy 50th B-day to Bill (no blog....he don't even own a computer--can you believe that?)

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


1. FIRST NAME? Robin
3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? a couple of weeks ago...but tomorrow looks like another coming!
4. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Yes, when I take my time and write neatly!
7. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? TaDa...this is it!
10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? Anything nutty & crunchy
14. SHOE SIZE? US 7 1/2
17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? My Granny & Grandaddy
19. WHAT COLOR PANTS, SHIRT AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? My Dallas Cowboy Sweatshirt, sweatpants & no socks
20. LAST THING YOU ATE? M&M's (I know that doesn't help #16)
21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? and watching the Dallas Cowboys play (I'll pay more attention when I finish this)
23. FAVORITE SMELL?Cookies baking (yet again...that doesn't help #16...because I'm going to eat them)
26. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON you stole THIS from? YES!!!!! (As she put it...she's my Soul Sister)
27. FAVORITE DRINK? Dr. Pepper (diet prefered)
28. FAVORITE SPORT Do I have to pick just one? ummmmm--it's a toss up between baseball & football
29. EYE COLOR? Green
30. HAT SIZE? 7 3/8...yes, I have a big head for a woman--it runs in the family! Bigheaded Scots I guess??!
35. SUMMER OR WINTER?I really like aspects of both..at least for a while then I'm ready for the next season!
40. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? Dragonfly in Amber
41.WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? The surrender scene at Appomattox
42. WHAT DID YOU WATCH LAST NIGHT ON TV? College Football--Tennessee @ South Carolina
43. FAVORITE SOUNDS? either birds chirping or the sound of a gentle stream
46. WHAT IS YOUR SPECIAL TALENT? Seamstress--hand crafts
48. WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? No one, I copied it from Shona!

So...whether you were interested or not...now you know a little more about me!

Keep on Knittin' and Spinnin'!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Guess what's just around the corner?!!

Christmas....well, I've been thinking about it for the past 3 months or so! So I changed my ticker! If nothing else as a personal reminder as to..."Crunch Time"!
I only have 3 items on the needles (one of which is...ugh...lace) to finish and another 3 to begin!

I think I can...I think I can...

Tomorrow is my baby's birthday...She'll be 19! I do spend a lot of the day reflecting and enjoying the memories...times were tough back then, but she is worth it!

"Coop Trivia" hint...all the answers are all right here on this blog...you just have to go back and read a little! Good Luck...

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy 1st Blogiversary!!!

Blogging…something I never imagined I’d ever do!

13 months ago I had no idea what it was! I now aspire to be like Yarn Harlot…have hundreds of comments—and I know of a couple of you who DON’T comment directly on the blog….nc & jh!--wink-wink-nudge-nudge!
It’s always fun reading the comments I do get—I haven’t had any negative ones yet, so either those negative ones keep on clicking or you guys “REALLY LIKE ME”! I know a lot of the crap I blog about are either rants (aka cluckin’) or boring history stuff to most…but you keep coming back to read what’s going on in “The Coop”!
And now another FIRST...my first blog contest!
I’ve met a lot of people and made new friends because of my blog…but I do wonder how long people have been reading!
So….email me your answers at spinnerknitter at aol dot com and put in the subject line Blog Trivia or something to that effect.

Blogiversary Quiz---Knittin’ Coop Trivia

1-Okay…I won’t ask you to name all my hobbies so—What hobby do Jack and I both participate in? And the name of my persona?

2-Name 3 knitted items I made as Christmas gifts last year.

3-Who “is” my father?

4-For what reason do I refuse to buy from a yarn shop?

5-Name 2 of my favorite sports teams. And in what sport was my family involved in for so long?

6-Can you name my children?

7-What FO won me the gold medal?

8-What item had I protested against making and when did I finish them?

9-Where is my favorite backdrop for photographing my projects, purchases and FO’s?

10-Who taught me my “craft”?

11-Who was the first “blogging buddy” I met, and name her blog?

12-Where did I find the most magnificent 19th century barn loom on display?

This last question is going to generate random answers…I only ask it out of curiosity?

What do you find most interesting about me and/or my blog?

The tiebreaker will be putting the names of those who have the most correct answers into the hat and hubby will draw the winner!

Good Luck….and Thanks for coming back again and again!
Oh--I guess I should put a time limit...so this will run through Samhain/Halloween!

I know he’ll never see this…but Happy Birthday to my B-I-L Jerry!!

Keep on Knittin’ & Spinnin’

Monday, October 23, 2006

You Know Vacation Is Over When.....

You know your vacation is over when you arrive back to work to a desk that looks like this....

Actually this was after I unpacked the boxes!

Job security??? Reality BITES!

First thing I did when I got home was picked up my knitting...thinking--"gotta unwind...gotta unwind!"

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

More from our trip & a MeMe...

As promised a little more about our trip...

After packing up the camper and truck...the sun came out! Imagine that...

The fall colors are peaking and for 2 days we had nothing but rain...though we were only 3 1/2 hours from home we decided to at last to take the time and try for some fall foliage pictures!

Being the history buffs we are we trekked up the road to Weaverville to visit the Zebulon B. Vance birthplace (I hope the second link works for you)...beautiful spot!

See the nosey person in the pic?

I found the loom house!!!

Check out this loom...

On site they had 2 Great or Walking wheels, 2 parlor wheels, 2 looms (see the table loom in the previous picture) and 3 different types of skein winders!

The house was designed much like other log homes of the Blue Ridge including the Hofaugher House at Explore Park, the difference was immediate--You could tell that the Vance's were very well-to-do...the walls were paneled and the ceilings were 7 feet high! A very rare occurrence for that time period!

From here we tripped on to the Parkway, and for those of you who are familiar...this is NOT a fast way home! The colors were great...now, I have your standard SLR camera and shooting slide film like I was, my slides are not back yet. In fact, I have about 10 frames left to shoot! So I'm using my hunny's pictures from the digital!

From Craggy Gardens...

The Mountain Ash display was breathtaking...from this altitude most of the leaves were gone all you could see were the berries of these trees

And the LinCove Viaduct...an amazing engineering marvel, and they had enough forethought to NOT rip away the "ancient" mountainside to construct the road! We couldn't get a good shot of either Mount Mitchell or Grandfather Mountain...they were both in the fog and/or clouds!

Shortly thereafter we exited the Parkway and made our way into another "favorite" place to visit....Boone, NC. And of course it's named for...one of our pioneers....Daniel Boone! When you start looking in this part of the country you will find all sorts of towns and cities name for him. Then on our way northward...

You know, I really hope you like reading about this...if not, by now you are probably bored to tears...again!

I do have a couple of FO's but only one of them I have pics of so far...and I can post the picture now because the baby shower was last night. I was getting a little worried that someone at work had happened upon my blog and would see it!

The Baby Parr sweater...

Check out the cute little Beatrix Potter buttons I found! TomCat & Benjamin Bunny.

Now for the MeMe...It seems that Crazy Aunt Pearl tagged every reader of her blog...so I guess that includes me!
Plus I thought this one might be fun for you to get to know me...so close the the "Blogiversary Contest" that's coming (are you tired of hearing about it yet?)
Four jobs I’ve had:
* Dunkin’ Donuts girl
* Auto Body repair
* Secretary
* Lettering vehicles—race cars, dump trucks, etc.
Four movies I can watch over and over:
* Braveheart
* Forest Gump
* Rudy
* Last of the Mohicans
Four places I have lived:
* Salem, VA
* Salem, VA
* Salem, VA
* Salem, VA (boring…Huh?)
Four television shows I love to watch:
* Sports—ie; Baseball, Football, Racing, College Basketball (I think that covers all the seasons!)
* E.R
* Dancing with the Stars—(yes, I'm a dork)
* Andy Griffith (yes...I'm a hick)
Four places I have been on vacation:
* Los Angeles, CA
* Denver, CO & Wyoming (2500 miles in 10 days time)
* Cape Coral, FL
* Myrtle Beach, SC (every summer till I was 16—now about every other summer)
Four of my favorite dishes:
* BBQ (numero uno)
* Mexican--anything
* Italian--anything
* Big ‘ole honkin’ pot of chili w/cheese & sour cream
Four websites I visit daily:
* Usatoday—why, news sucks?
* All of my blog buddies listed on my blog!
*ESPN—yes I play fantasy sports!
*Stuffonmycat.com (really funny—I’m planning something for Mr. Ace!)
Four places I would rather be right now:
* Scotland or Ireland
* In my own yarn shop knitting and or spinning with my friends!
* Seeing as how I just came from there…back in Asheville, NC
* Attend a World Series game!!
Four bloggers I am tagging:
* You.
* You.
* Oh—You!
*And finally…..YOU!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Did Ya Miss Me??? Beware--heavily photo & link ladened post!!

Well...I'm home--but I'm STILL on vacation! As you know we took a camping trip to Asheville, NC...the trip down (Saturday) was beautiful--Sunday we decided to hang out around the camp and enjoy our first day, and it was a gorgeous day--

After setting up camp and resting for a while we decided to trip into Asheville to visit Earth Guild and other galleries and shops...Even Jack likes Earth Guild...yipee! They were virtually out of their natural dyestuffs...so I'll just have to go with the ones I have stocked up on! I oohed and ahhed over the looms and wheels but I'm still waiting on the new Kromski Sonata to come out before I decide what I want!
The old Woolworth store next door has been transformed into a Arts & Crafts Gallery and the crafters change often so each time you visit there's something new to see!
Then I decided to give a yarn shop a second chance...
Oh...I should explain...I'm somewhat of a Yarn Shop critic! I used to work as a Mystery Shopper years ago...not for yarn shops but grocery stores. Anywhoo--I use those skills to critique yarn shops, because I used to work at one....and I know how I liked to treat my customers--I'm BIG on customer service. Now, I don't like to be "hounded" and followed around being shown every item...but I do like to be greeted when I walk in the door....being asked "if there's anything I can be helped with" is nice, but knowing the person working there who is willing to help if I need it is the clincher! So be prepared...with each out-of-town visit I make to wherever I go...you're going to get a "critique"! Though it may not mean alot to most...it's my own way offering others the shops they will probably enjoy!

SO--Purl's Yarn Emporium (no website to link to) on College St is the yarn shop I spoke of before...last year I visited and was VERY disappointed in the customer service...the shop is beautiful...arranged by color--each wall unit flows in color, good choice of buttons and patterns, the needle and notions selection could be better...but the customer service was non-existent! On that day I was in the store for 20 minutes or so...there was not another soul in the store except for the person (unknown if it was the owner or not) sitting on the couch knitting and chatting on the phone (obviously a personal phone call)--NOT once did the person acknowledge my being there! I left without making a purchase---my personal protest!!

This time...no difference except for the person working the store was not the same as last year, sat behind the counter never said "hello," "can I help you," not a word to acknowledge my presence! I even sat in the pattern section looking like I needed help finding a pattern!

My grade--FF++. I will not waste my time and give them a 3rd visit!

On Monday the gentle rains came--so we took a road trip to Cherokee (you can also find a link here) and visited the Cherokee Indian Museum and a few "Indian Owned" shops...I have this thing about when I'm visiting there...where my money goes! I've been a FREQUENT visitor of the Reservation since I was 3 years old...my grandparents took me on my first trip and we went practically every year thereafter! It's very hard to describe my feelings for these Native people...It's very hard for me now to visit since the casino's came...In my opinion they are a double edged sword, I know they create jobs for the Cherokee...but it also can and does create problems! I'm not a gambler...I can't even part with a dollar to buy a lottery ticket, it's a silly "thing" in my eyes...so if people are crazy and rich enough go gamble on the Reservation...it's revenue for the Cherokee! I prefer to go to the "Indian Owned" gift shops and buy crafts made by the Reservation Natives...the money goes directly in the crafters pocket!!! Sorry...rant finished!

From here we traveled on back stopping in Dillsboro...at one of my favorite BBQ restaurants! GOO---OOOD!! I also went back to...

The Yarn Corner (sorry no website to link to)
They carry a lot of "froofy" yarns, some basics and sock yarns, also a good selection of needlepoint canvases & cross stitch designs! She's a MAJOR "Vera Bradley" retailer...if you're into that sort of thing--I prefer to make my own! VERY nice ladies working there, greet you when you arrive...offer assistance if you need it--they get a good mark from me!

Monday night and into Tuesday the rains POURED!!! Knitting, reading and sleeping are on the agenda for the day...but we interrupted that to visit Black Mountain where I knew there was a great Knitting shop...I visited there last year and loved this shop! Great size, Great selection...great people!

Wilde & Wooly...(website still up and running)

Notice the sign in the window...when pulled up front and I saw the sign...the empty hollow and dark building...well Jack had a hard time consoling me! Here it was raining cats & dogs...I was so looking forward to spending lots of time shopping and knitting....and they're out of business! We walked down the street to a little Antique store, I asked the lady in there what happened and she had no idea...she said about 3 months ago they just closed...no warning and no explanation!
Oh well...we trudged about, jumping puddle after puddle to the shops we enjoyed last year.

I have a very good man...he puts up with my "fiberholism" actually enables it by taking me to all the shops I list, and consoles me when the shop is closed or gone for good! Booo-hoooo!

So we celebrated Oktoberfest by eating at the little German restaurant next door...Berliner Kindl---VERY GOOD food and BEER!

Beer helps....

Knowing I was in serious need of a "fiber fix" he rushed me to Biltmore Village on the south side of Asheville to a favorite yarn shop....

Yarn Paradise--appropriate name don't you think!

Cute huh? Every room is filled to the ceiling with yarn! Good yarn!!

I was very reserved in my fiber purchases...I bought a couple of patterns and a couple of skeins of koigu, we were doing some Christmas shopping while there so I needed to stop thinking of myself but the smell of good fiber, chatting with the ladies in the shop really made me feel much better!

So...what did I buy? I found the Knitting Kit I've been looking for...my 4 year old niece has asked me to teach her how to knit--be still my heart! So I've been searching for the same kit I bought my daughter....found on our Black Mountain visit...the book "Knitting Nell" is one I ordered before I left and my koigu--for socks of course!

Look what else arrived home....

I know this is getting really long...so I'm going to show you a couple more things! The rest I'll post later!

New "Sheepies" I bought---

He came with the name "Laddie"


No name yet...maybe "Droopy"?? Check out the eyes!

Good to be home....I'm supposed to be busy doing laundry...So I better get at it! I'll post more about the trip later on--

Are you ready for the Blogiversary contest?? We are under a week to go!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin"!!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

So...What's going on?

One more picture from Saturdays...."Woolstock"!
What do you think they are thinking? "Who's next?"--"So what are you doing after this?"--"Where the @$*& are the dogs?"--"Someone smells baaaad!"

I'm getting hammered by questions like..."Why haven't you updated?", "When are you going to update?", "Are you still alive?"

I haven't updated because...this has been a slow news week! Hey, I'm not the only one--Check out Sangeeta's blog.

I'm updating NOW!


Yes...I'm still alive!

We are getting ready to head down to Asheville for a camping vacation...yes, the weather here has turned cold but I can handle it! Favorite blankie, knitting, a good book and.....a campfire! The knitting is packed--On the Needles; 2 pairs of socks, Mom's sweater, Jessica's shrug and a pair of felted clogs.

I have my favorite yarn shops, restaurants and galleries in Asheville and have already made my mental plans to visit them! I have a list made for Earth Guild...and right next door is a great local Crafters Gallery!

A few of our favorite places to get GOOD food---Zambras, Apollo's Flame Bistro (great Greek food) and Salsa's (a really eclectic blend of Mexican & Carribean food)...there are more! Can you tell we visit the area often!

There are a couple of favorite yarns shops...Yarn Paradise in Asheville and Wilde & Wooly in Black Mountain.

We don't have plans to visit the Biltmore...if you've seen extravagance once you've seen it enough! Don't get me wrong...it's beautiful! I would love to go to the Winery but you have to pay the full tour price to go...NOT! I'll use that money to buy my favorite Biltmore wines! If you've never been....I suggest you go and take the tour! Holiday time is one of the most beautiful times to visit...

Remember me mentioning the weather here has turned cold....Mr. Ace has taken to his winter bed! Mommy had to wash it...he's was avoiding it!

And...placed at his favorite spot...nosey!

Hubby is bringing his laptop (but has promised me he won't do ANY work while we're camping) so I'll be able to check emails and do some updating....maybe!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fall Fiber Festival 2006

What do you get when you combine a NorEaster and a Fiber Festival???

This was just as we arrived this morning....

And this was at noon...the little "straw streets" they made for us...disappeared!

I was not only prepared for the weather...but I also got pretty lucky on where I stepped...I guess?!

And if you DIDN'T drive a 4X4, and you DIDN'T take the advice of the parking attendees...AND you got stuck in the mud...

this is what came and got you out--a "tow tractor"!

Considering we knew what we were in for...it wasn't too bad until the temperature started to drop! We saw a mother with three young boys, at least I think thats what they were, COVERED head to toe in mud and wet--We heard mom saying "I don't want to hear that you are cold...you're the ones who were playing in the mud!" I later saw one of said boys (Mom was shopping) in the middle of the "tent street" knee deep in a mud puddle!

I met up with Cate, Roz, and Courtney (I'm terrible with names). It was so very nice to meet you I'm glad I made my name badge, otherwise we would have passed each other without knowing! Then later I met up with Sangeeta and Susan. It's so nice to finally put faces to the names I know from online and their blogs I've been reading for quite some time now! I wish the weather had been better...we could have sat down and chatted a little more! Just as I was leaving I saw Rae from our Knitting/Spinning group.

Sangeeta brought my goodie bag from her blog contest...Thanks so much--the best part was getting to meet you and Susan! I want to come to TYL and knit with you guys!

AND.....Remember that skein of yarn I entered??? I kept going to the tent where they were judging--peeking (of course) then I think they posted a guard to keep me out of there...

I placed!--I placed!! I know what my "dear" brother will say...second place is only the first loser...he likes to pick on me--A LOT!
I'm so proud, this is the first time I've ever entered any of my handgoods of any kind in a competition! Yipee!

Since I bought so much fiber last weekend...I pretty much behaved myself! Many, Many vendors either hadn't set up yet, or were there yet if they were coming at all! I didn't get a chance to visit with Jennifer this time--people swamped her tiny-tiny booth, I made several treks back to see if I could say hello...I noticed she didn't have any of her fibers out either (could have been because of the weather). The BIG tents were only half full of the anticipated vendors. Yes, that was disappointing but like I said before...I knew what I was in for prior to leaving the house!

Here's a picture most people (who know me) will not see or believe...

My Truck Dirty??!!

I found some "Sheepies"--

So many other pictures to blog about...maybe later! I need a cup of tea and my blankie!

TaTa for now....Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'
Oh...and get ready the Blogiversary Contest is coming!

Friday, October 06, 2006


Boy am I glad this week is over with...


2-allergy attacks


4-I think you get the idea...

Tomorrow is the Fall Fiber Festival...and we're due to get a NorthEaster/NorEaster (depending on where you are from as to which way your pronounce it)! I've been waiting all year for this...I missed Maryland Sheep & Wool...I'm going ANYWAY!
Shopping list--check
Plastic shopping bag--check


Yes...I AM a diehard...I AM a Woolaholic...I am a STASH QUEEN!

I'll be posting...I get to meet Sangeeta and hopefully other bloggers!

This is appropriate...I don't think I need THIS outfit, that would scare everyone!

Your Haloween Costume Should Be


Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hawks Nest Fall 2006--Long Post

Most people have heard blonde jokes, polish jokes and of course your West Virginia jokes...
I know the man they talk about when they make up those West Virginia jokes...and he's hilarious...but I don't think HE can answer my question about what the hell is this?????

On our trip up Thursday we stopped at the Tamarack, a beautiful place where WV artisans display, demonstrate and sell their wares. This was at the entrance of the food court...My take on it is she's looking for her egg, or she's having a very difficult time laying (notice the look on her face)!! Anybody else have an answer? It is a funny display, but it does leave you scratching your head!

Friday Morning...

I didn't take my camera phone or Jack's camera down to the spinning room with me but I did on Friday! Here the ladies are just spinning away...David Simpson had his "fluff" out to tempt our fiber needs!

Pardon the glare...but this is the view from our "Spinning Room" aka the Conference room! Isn't it GREAT?!


As you can see the group thinned out a bit, because this retreat lasts for 4 days people come and go, we have day people that show up too! There were also lots of people who came through to just watch...As for me, I prefer to stay the entire time!!

One of the ladies has a Journey Wheel a dream to spin on but she had some difficulties with it for about the first day and a half which kept her from spinning as much as the rest of us.

Two of the ladies came from Good News Llamas, this rug is made from their llama fiber...I'm really kicking myself for NOT getting the last one! There is a link on their website if you are interested, but you better get there before me!

New River Gorge Bridge

If you like to watch crazy people jump off of a perfectly good bridge...land in trees...land in the rapids...or make a perfect landing onto a VERY small patch of dry land...Mark your calendars...Bridge day is October 21st this year! It's really a great time, I for one prefer to keep my feet on solid ground, I get my thrills riding the rapids...speaking of which:

Hubby went down on the river while I was "busy" and took some really great shots!

So...you ask "What was I busy doing?"

This is not any of Mr. Simpsons "fluff", I bought this at Kid Hollow Farms last year at the Fall Fiber Festival, which by the way is this weekend! I've mailed off my Llanwenog skein last week for the lace weight competition! Keep your fingers crossed for me...this is the first time I've ever entered anything like this!

Now you ask..."What did you buy?" Fiber addicts NEVER pass up buying more...at least this fiber addict doesn't!

A little "Fluff"...from left to right the color names are:
Amazon Ambience, Lupine and (of course) Highlander!

And a little more "Fluff"!!
l-r: Apollo and Forest
I just love the names he gives to his colorways! He says they just come to him...

NOW...I ask, "Are you tired of me yet?" I decided to do this in one post since I'll be attending the Fall Fiber Festival and I'm sure there will be more to show when I get back!

If you are tired of me you might want to stop here because I must warn you...

I must RANT!
After hearing the news of what happened in Lancaster, PA yesterday and following on the heels of the same sort of incident in Colorado and Wisconsin in the past week or so...I must ask...WHAT $@*& IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? I'm so saddened by this and only to find out today what this "sicko's" plans were to do to those girls...something's got to change! People like the Amish who live such simple lives and so close to God, you would never expect them to be targeted in such a way! It's awful...It's shameful...
I must stop now or this post will be neverending...

My thoughts and Prayers are with all those families! God Bless!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'

Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm Back!!

Just a short post to let all my "public" know I'm back home safe and sound! I had a great time and have plenty of pictures to post...I just need a little time to get them all edited.

Here's what we found when we got home...forgive the bad photography, we grabbed the camera as fast as we could...

His pillow and blankie are very jealous!

Check back soon...