Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy 1st Blogiversary!!!

Blogging…something I never imagined I’d ever do!

13 months ago I had no idea what it was! I now aspire to be like Yarn Harlot…have hundreds of comments—and I know of a couple of you who DON’T comment directly on the blog….nc & jh!--wink-wink-nudge-nudge!
It’s always fun reading the comments I do get—I haven’t had any negative ones yet, so either those negative ones keep on clicking or you guys “REALLY LIKE ME”! I know a lot of the crap I blog about are either rants (aka cluckin’) or boring history stuff to most…but you keep coming back to read what’s going on in “The Coop”!
And now another first blog contest!
I’ve met a lot of people and made new friends because of my blog…but I do wonder how long people have been reading!
So….email me your answers at spinnerknitter at aol dot com and put in the subject line Blog Trivia or something to that effect.

Blogiversary Quiz---Knittin’ Coop Trivia

1-Okay…I won’t ask you to name all my hobbies so—What hobby do Jack and I both participate in? And the name of my persona?

2-Name 3 knitted items I made as Christmas gifts last year.

3-Who “is” my father?

4-For what reason do I refuse to buy from a yarn shop?

5-Name 2 of my favorite sports teams. And in what sport was my family involved in for so long?

6-Can you name my children?

7-What FO won me the gold medal?

8-What item had I protested against making and when did I finish them?

9-Where is my favorite backdrop for photographing my projects, purchases and FO’s?

10-Who taught me my “craft”?

11-Who was the first “blogging buddy” I met, and name her blog?

12-Where did I find the most magnificent 19th century barn loom on display?

This last question is going to generate random answers…I only ask it out of curiosity?

What do you find most interesting about me and/or my blog?

The tiebreaker will be putting the names of those who have the most correct answers into the hat and hubby will draw the winner!

Good Luck….and Thanks for coming back again and again!
Oh--I guess I should put a time this will run through Samhain/Halloween!

I know he’ll never see this…but Happy Birthday to my B-I-L Jerry!!

Keep on Knittin’ & Spinnin’


Mary said...

Hmmm. I can only answer a few, I think.

1) Civil War and other historic reenactments
4) If the owner/employees are rude?
5) Dallas Cowboys (ick) and Baltimore Orioles
9) Your pond
10) Your mom? (or maybe grandma?)

Last question: I just like reading it because I've met you and you're a nice person! :-)

Mary said...

oh, and happy blogiversary!

Anonymous said...

I can't answer any of them but wanted to wish you Happy Blogiversary!!!!

(and silly blogger won't let me log in! :( )


gourdongirl said...

Oh boy I guess I'd better start searching. Its far to early across the pond to be thinking!!!!!!!

Happy Blogversity to you.