Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hawks Nest Fall 2006--Long Post

Most people have heard blonde jokes, polish jokes and of course your West Virginia jokes...
I know the man they talk about when they make up those West Virginia jokes...and he's hilarious...but I don't think HE can answer my question about what the hell is this?????

On our trip up Thursday we stopped at the Tamarack, a beautiful place where WV artisans display, demonstrate and sell their wares. This was at the entrance of the food court...My take on it is she's looking for her egg, or she's having a very difficult time laying (notice the look on her face)!! Anybody else have an answer? It is a funny display, but it does leave you scratching your head!

Friday Morning...

I didn't take my camera phone or Jack's camera down to the spinning room with me but I did on Friday! Here the ladies are just spinning away...David Simpson had his "fluff" out to tempt our fiber needs!

Pardon the glare...but this is the view from our "Spinning Room" aka the Conference room! Isn't it GREAT?!


As you can see the group thinned out a bit, because this retreat lasts for 4 days people come and go, we have day people that show up too! There were also lots of people who came through to just watch...As for me, I prefer to stay the entire time!!

One of the ladies has a Journey Wheel a dream to spin on but she had some difficulties with it for about the first day and a half which kept her from spinning as much as the rest of us.

Two of the ladies came from Good News Llamas, this rug is made from their llama fiber...I'm really kicking myself for NOT getting the last one! There is a link on their website if you are interested, but you better get there before me!

New River Gorge Bridge

If you like to watch crazy people jump off of a perfectly good bridge...land in trees...land in the rapids...or make a perfect landing onto a VERY small patch of dry land...Mark your calendars...Bridge day is October 21st this year! It's really a great time, I for one prefer to keep my feet on solid ground, I get my thrills riding the rapids...speaking of which:

Hubby went down on the river while I was "busy" and took some really great shots!

So...you ask "What was I busy doing?"

This is not any of Mr. Simpsons "fluff", I bought this at Kid Hollow Farms last year at the Fall Fiber Festival, which by the way is this weekend! I've mailed off my Llanwenog skein last week for the lace weight competition! Keep your fingers crossed for me...this is the first time I've ever entered anything like this!

Now you ask..."What did you buy?" Fiber addicts NEVER pass up buying more...at least this fiber addict doesn't!

A little "Fluff"...from left to right the color names are:
Amazon Ambience, Lupine and (of course) Highlander!

And a little more "Fluff"!!
l-r: Apollo and Forest
I just love the names he gives to his colorways! He says they just come to him...

NOW...I ask, "Are you tired of me yet?" I decided to do this in one post since I'll be attending the Fall Fiber Festival and I'm sure there will be more to show when I get back!

If you are tired of me you might want to stop here because I must warn you...

I must RANT!
After hearing the news of what happened in Lancaster, PA yesterday and following on the heels of the same sort of incident in Colorado and Wisconsin in the past week or so...I must ask...WHAT $@*& IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? I'm so saddened by this and only to find out today what this "sicko's" plans were to do to those girls...something's got to change! People like the Amish who live such simple lives and so close to God, you would never expect them to be targeted in such a way! It's awful...It's shameful...
I must stop now or this post will be neverending...

My thoughts and Prayers are with all those families! God Bless!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'


gourdongirl said...

First of all Robin, I'm with you on what the %$£& is goining on with these people, killing inocent children like that. There is no need. I remember in March 1996 when we had the Dunblain tragedy over here in Scotland, it was horrific. My heart goes out to the families of these poor kids.

Secondly....looks like you had fun!
That poor chicken looks as if its in pain!

gourdongirl said...

Your Llanwenog is to die for. It looks so beautiful. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I was so upset about these poor children and their families I forgot to comment on it.....Sorry. I hope I am forgiven!

IndigoMuse said...

I love all of the Hawks Nest pics. I hope to go one day if my work schedule ever pans out so that I can. All of your new fiber is quite tempting. I need more fiber like I need a hole in the head but then again it IS an addiction, right? Can't wait for this weekend. Let's chat tomorrow about hookin' up at Montpelier. And my heart breaks for those kids and their families too. I'd heard that one family has already forgiven the shooter and hold no hard feelings against him. I know there's a message there that I need to take to heart even through all of the tragedy.


Mary said...

Beautiful location, beautiful fibers! Your laceweight will surely win a prize, it's so stunning! And that "Forest" colorway of fiber that you bought is to die for! I can't wait to see what that becomes!

I, too, am sickened by all the crazies that seem to be crawling out of the woodwork, as of late.

Sangeeta said...

That looks like a really beautiful place and a relaxing trip. Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!

KnitNana said...

Beautiful fiber, gorgeous photos! We'll see you tomorrow night...I'll be holding the whole world in my prayers - what else CAN we do?