Saturday, October 21, 2006

More from our trip & a MeMe...

As promised a little more about our trip...

After packing up the camper and truck...the sun came out! Imagine that...

The fall colors are peaking and for 2 days we had nothing but rain...though we were only 3 1/2 hours from home we decided to at last to take the time and try for some fall foliage pictures!

Being the history buffs we are we trekked up the road to Weaverville to visit the Zebulon B. Vance birthplace (I hope the second link works for you)...beautiful spot!

See the nosey person in the pic?

I found the loom house!!!

Check out this loom...

On site they had 2 Great or Walking wheels, 2 parlor wheels, 2 looms (see the table loom in the previous picture) and 3 different types of skein winders!

The house was designed much like other log homes of the Blue Ridge including the Hofaugher House at Explore Park, the difference was immediate--You could tell that the Vance's were very well-to-do...the walls were paneled and the ceilings were 7 feet high! A very rare occurrence for that time period!

From here we tripped on to the Parkway, and for those of you who are familiar...this is NOT a fast way home! The colors were, I have your standard SLR camera and shooting slide film like I was, my slides are not back yet. In fact, I have about 10 frames left to shoot! So I'm using my hunny's pictures from the digital!

From Craggy Gardens...

The Mountain Ash display was breathtaking...from this altitude most of the leaves were gone all you could see were the berries of these trees

And the LinCove amazing engineering marvel, and they had enough forethought to NOT rip away the "ancient" mountainside to construct the road! We couldn't get a good shot of either Mount Mitchell or Grandfather Mountain...they were both in the fog and/or clouds!

Shortly thereafter we exited the Parkway and made our way into another "favorite" place to visit....Boone, NC. And of course it's named of our pioneers....Daniel Boone! When you start looking in this part of the country you will find all sorts of towns and cities name for him. Then on our way northward...

You know, I really hope you like reading about this...if not, by now you are probably bored to tears...again!

I do have a couple of FO's but only one of them I have pics of so far...and I can post the picture now because the baby shower was last night. I was getting a little worried that someone at work had happened upon my blog and would see it!

The Baby Parr sweater...

Check out the cute little Beatrix Potter buttons I found! TomCat & Benjamin Bunny.

Now for the MeMe...It seems that Crazy Aunt Pearl tagged every reader of her I guess that includes me!
Plus I thought this one might be fun for you to get to know close the the "Blogiversary Contest" that's coming (are you tired of hearing about it yet?)
Four jobs I’ve had:
* Dunkin’ Donuts girl
* Auto Body repair
* Secretary
* Lettering vehicles—race cars, dump trucks, etc.
Four movies I can watch over and over:
* Braveheart
* Forest Gump
* Rudy
* Last of the Mohicans
Four places I have lived:
* Salem, VA
* Salem, VA
* Salem, VA
* Salem, VA (boring…Huh?)
Four television shows I love to watch:
* Sports—ie; Baseball, Football, Racing, College Basketball (I think that covers all the seasons!)
* E.R
* Dancing with the Stars—(yes, I'm a dork)
* Andy Griffith (yes...I'm a hick)
Four places I have been on vacation:
* Los Angeles, CA
* Denver, CO & Wyoming (2500 miles in 10 days time)
* Cape Coral, FL
* Myrtle Beach, SC (every summer till I was 16—now about every other summer)
Four of my favorite dishes:
* BBQ (numero uno)
* Mexican--anything
* Italian--anything
* Big ‘ole honkin’ pot of chili w/cheese & sour cream
Four websites I visit daily:
* Usatoday—why, news sucks?
* All of my blog buddies listed on my blog!
*ESPN—yes I play fantasy sports!
* (really funny—I’m planning something for Mr. Ace!)
Four places I would rather be right now:
* Scotland or Ireland
* In my own yarn shop knitting and or spinning with my friends!
* Seeing as how I just came from there…back in Asheville, NC
* Attend a World Series game!!
Four bloggers I am tagging:
* You.
* You.
* Oh—You!
*And finally…..YOU!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'


KnitNana said...

Nope never boring, but then, I'm kinda the same....history, the gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge, yada yada...
The sweater is darling (the buttons, too!)
Ok...can't wait for the blogaversary contest...!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

How I miss those amazing Southwestern Virginia views! I will not be able to see them when I am back in VA Beach for Turkey Day, but I can still see VA through your blog. Thanks for showing that cute sweater. Where did you get the pattern?

Aprilynne said...

Gorgeous pics! The cottage is really interesting and I LOVE the buttons on the FO!

I would do the meme, but I've done it three times already =)

gourdongirl said...

NEVER bored reading your blog. I just love the pix from your trip. As you know I'm also into history, so just love hearing about these places you visit coz I know I prolly never will!

Was going to do the MEME. but have already done it....sorry!

The FO was cute, especially the buttons.

Birdsong said...

I have always wanted to see this area... thanks for the photos. The closest I ever got was about an hour north of Atlanta in the mountains, and halfway bet. Atlanta and Augusta (I forget the name of the big mountain park there, but I was only at Calloway Gardens and didn't have time to drive through the park). Fall is so colorful!