Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Process vs Product

I really think I'm behind the times here...I've lately been reading and hearing about "Process vs Product" knitters, something I've never thought of before and it seems this discussion has been going on for months now! Where the heck have I been? So...In thinking about this I believe I'm both. And for those who are new to this concept (as I am) here are the definitions:
Process knitter is one who enjoys the act of knitting, whether or not something comes of it...just enjoying the zen of stitch after stitch being created.
A product knitter is more concerned with the end result, and giving as gifts or proudly showing off the end result.
I ask you to think about this and let me know what kind of knitter you are...??

Now if you attribute this to spinning I would say that for right now I'm more of a Process spinner...the feel of the fiber in my fingers...seeing a bobbin fill up...stroking a finished skein like a kitten! As you have probably read in my blog I'm currently knitting a sweater using my own handspun yarn, and my progress is slowing down since warmer weather is here. I've placed the body on a holder (as directed in the instructions) and I've almost completed 1 sleeve! I'd say I'm 2/3 of the way finished! I'm also still working on my son's Durrow from MagKnits. I'm also working on some cute little sandlesocks for the same son's girlfriend. Just something that looks like Jessica...not really functional more fashionable. I've learned the hard way to only knit for those who appreciate it and speaking of which, last night I started a new project for my FAVORITE (only) niece! Pictures and details to come you'll have to check back for the updates! No...I'm not going to give any hints (Jennifer)!

We are getting ready to leave this Friday for our first Colonial event of the year, Fort Frederick in Maryland. And, of course, I've scoped out all the knitting and fiber shops in the area! One that I didn't find last year is in Winchester called "Frog eye Fiber Emporium" When we returned home I mapped it out and found that we only missed it by about 5's, apparently, very off the beaten path. There are also a couple of knitting shops in Hagerstown. I find that when traveling I may buy a magnet for the fridge of where I've been but I tend to buy yarn or fiber as a souvenir! Anybody else do that...or am I just the wierd one? The weather is going to be unfavorable at the event (just like last year) so I don't think I'll take my wheel but I WILL have knitting with me. Colonial women always had "busy work" unlike the 19th century when women (usually of middle to higher class) would be sitting around "fanning" themselves on the "veranda" while the children romped and played! Pioneer/Colonial women worked HARD and so did the children...sun up to sun down. I'll (hopefully) have pictures to post when I get back...

Happy Knitting and Spinning Everyone!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone...

Mark 16:6 NIV

Don't be alarmed," he said. "You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival

The very first Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival got off to a rocky start, considering the weather we had on Friday night, but faired well! A couple of vendors lost their tents and the BBQ vendor had it the worst...their tent blew over knocking over the BBQ and burning all the meat! I hope each and every year this grows and grows into an event of great proportions! Now I don't want it to get too big for it's briches but I like having an event so close to motel 3+ hour drive.
Hubby went along and took some great pictures for me, I wish I could post them all. The Alpacas posed, the lambs romped and played or they may have been dancing to the celtic music playing in the background. (Okay Jennifer here are some pictures!)

Even baby Emu's (I think they were Emu's)

The Llama's had a lot to talk about!

I imagine it had to do with "who was next!"
The shearing demonstrations were very interesting and this gal was very cooperative!

I spent a little time chatting with the Llama's...the Alpaca's were being unsociable when I visited...possibly because of the number of children around.

This BEAUTIFUL 1800's Barn Loom from North Carolina was on display, the gentleman standing to the right found it in pieces! All the pieces were there except for one (on the back side) which he replaced with a piece of wood to match the rest.

All this while the band played on! And what a wonderful band they were...they even slipped in a little Spanish tunes on us! I believe their name was "Riddle on the Harp"

Now...after all this you ask..."What did she buy?"

I was very proud of myself...held back because I know in the months to come I'm going to have more opportunities to BUY! The big bag was caused by my enabler Tanya...who found this great deal! The whole trash bag of relatively clean Alpaca/Llama (the owner didn't really know much about it...??) for $5.00! I went through the bag and figured for 5 bucks it's something to spin! Tanya has already started on hers and very happy with it! I bought 2 spools (only 1 is for me) 2 balls of Trekking XXL sock yarn (I enjoyed my other so much that I decided maybe for Christmas presents?), 1 skein of Koigu (I'm planning something for my sons girlfriend) and a 1 oz. bag of Cashmere Top...that I plan to blend with some New Zealand Alpaca I bought years ago...that should be enough to make me a nice pair of gloves or a warm hat?! I saw several ladies from our Spin/Knit group; Rae, Jane, Tanya and Jennifer eluded my vision (I guess she didn't want me to be her "enabler"). I also ran into a couple of ladies from the Fiber Network group that meets at Hawk's Nest; Claudia and Lawrie.
The Jacob sheep were from Maple Hollow Farm in Moneta, VA, Joyce Branson was very nice and helpful. The lambs were only a week old! All in all it was a great time! Forgive me if there are any grammar or spelling allergies are effecting my brain!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Here's something interesting!

Well...I always knew that I'm an "old soul" (I've been told many, many times) but I had no idea it's true! When I took this little "test" to see what decade I lived in it came back telling me I'm a '50's kid! I took the real one so I don't seem as old! Maybe this is why I enjoy living in other centuries!

what decade does your personality live in?

quiz brought to you by lady interference, ltd


Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Finally...Opening day has come! Yes, I'm a Birds fan! I can spin and knit while watching baseball, unlike during football season when I can't spin at all while watching a game...I tend to"run" with the plays and over twist my yarn...not a good thing! Really makes for a wasteful mess! On the Knitting/Spinning front: I'm looking forward to Saturday (4/8)...Sedalia Fiber Festival in Bedford...I just hope I don't get this nasty stuff (bronchitis) going around, currently hubby has it and it's not pretty! Since this is the first year of it I'm hoping for big show in attendance, with each year growing larger and larger! Bedford is only about 30 minutes from me, it would be nice to have a large fiber event close by! I'm still working on my Moorish sweater although I should have toted it along with me on Sunday...Jack was given free tickets to the Martinsville race and my brain wasn't in gear, we waited an hour and a half before atempting to leave because traffic was so bad and I didn't have my knitting with me...stupid! There was a time when I would try to go to as many races as possible during the season but know that I'm older...I hate the crowds, drunks (now I like to have a drink but I know my limit, others haven't yet grasped the consept) and traffic! But being given free tickets (and really good seats at that) we weren't going to turn them down! This week I'll be watching from the couch AND I'll have my knitting with me! Thursday is Knit/Spin night...I can't wait I miss all the girls! I've missed the past 2 meetings! HAPPY KNITTING/SPINNING TO ALL!