Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Process vs Product

I really think I'm behind the times here...I've lately been reading and hearing about "Process vs Product" knitters, something I've never thought of before and it seems this discussion has been going on for months now! Where the heck have I been? So...In thinking about this I believe I'm both. And for those who are new to this concept (as I am) here are the definitions:
Process knitter is one who enjoys the act of knitting, whether or not something comes of it...just enjoying the zen of stitch after stitch being created.
A product knitter is more concerned with the end result, and giving as gifts or proudly showing off the end result.
I ask you to think about this and let me know what kind of knitter you are...??

Now if you attribute this to spinning I would say that for right now I'm more of a Process spinner...the feel of the fiber in my fingers...seeing a bobbin fill up...stroking a finished skein like a kitten! As you have probably read in my blog I'm currently knitting a sweater using my own handspun yarn, and my progress is slowing down since warmer weather is here. I've placed the body on a holder (as directed in the instructions) and I've almost completed 1 sleeve! I'd say I'm 2/3 of the way finished! I'm also still working on my son's Durrow from MagKnits. I'm also working on some cute little sandlesocks for the same son's girlfriend. Just something that looks like Jessica...not really functional more fashionable. I've learned the hard way to only knit for those who appreciate it and speaking of which, last night I started a new project for my FAVORITE (only) niece! Pictures and details to come you'll have to check back for the updates! No...I'm not going to give any hints (Jennifer)!

We are getting ready to leave this Friday for our first Colonial event of the year, Fort Frederick in Maryland. And, of course, I've scoped out all the knitting and fiber shops in the area! One that I didn't find last year is in Winchester called "Frog eye Fiber Emporium" When we returned home I mapped it out and found that we only missed it by about 5's, apparently, very off the beaten path. There are also a couple of knitting shops in Hagerstown. I find that when traveling I may buy a magnet for the fridge of where I've been but I tend to buy yarn or fiber as a souvenir! Anybody else do that...or am I just the wierd one? The weather is going to be unfavorable at the event (just like last year) so I don't think I'll take my wheel but I WILL have knitting with me. Colonial women always had "busy work" unlike the 19th century when women (usually of middle to higher class) would be sitting around "fanning" themselves on the "veranda" while the children romped and played! Pioneer/Colonial women worked HARD and so did the children...sun up to sun down. I'll (hopefully) have pictures to post when I get back...

Happy Knitting and Spinning Everyone!

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KnitNana said...

Have a wonderful trip - I want a report on those Hagerstown shops? I didn't get to visit them when I was there :(
Process or Product? A little of both I think - I have to be, if I weren't a process knitter, I'd NEVER get to the product b/c it takes me so long to finish anything!