Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Giving Thanks....I'm so thankful for my wonderful husband, 3 beautiful children, 2 great step-daughters, and my family & friends and good health. Oh, and I can't forget my little buddy...Ace, our 13 year old cat...very spoiled cat I might add.

This is a time for family and togetherness BUT, (I bet you knew that was coming) there are certain family members who one just seems to not be able to get along with or does everything in their power to irritate the crap out of you, it would be hard for me to believe that there is one person out there who can say "I get along with everyone in my family!"
When we lost my beloved grandmother this past February my dream was for each individual "sept" of the family to do their own Thanksgiving...nope. There is that one who scopes out the free meal! I know, I know this is Thanksgiving and you are supposed to help the undepriviledged...believe me that is NOT the case here.
SO...I will have my knitting in hand, pun intended, while watching football (which she doesn't like) so as to ignore her.

I'm still working on my Christmas presents...getting closer and closer to getting them finished. It's probably the first time in my life that I have more than one project going at one time. In the past I have always tried to complete what is on the needles before I start another. This method is kind of fun...when you get tired or stuck on a particular pattern you can change to something else. My spinning has been a little ignored lately, I miss it too...another reason to get all these projects done.

Our trip to Asheville was wonderful. I found 4 knitting shops and bought yarn from all but 1, I have a personal protest that I make when I'm ignored upon entering a store. Now, I don't like getting mobbed and followed either but, it's a simple acknowledgement of my presence and wanting me to know that if I have any questions they will be available to help. I am this way because I used to work at a yarn shop that treated people this way, and I'm very proud of the fact that when I began working there I gave customer service! This yarn shop was started by 4 rich businessmen looking for a tax right off and a way to get their wives out of the house. So they would knit all day and could care less if someone came in or they sold a single skein of yarn. This yarn shop is still in business today and the only one in our town...I refuse to go there, I'll buy mailorder first.

Well, this is taking away from my knitting time so again...HAPPY THANKSGIVING...and Remember Our Troops!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Countdown to Christmas begins...

The countdown begins...I'm only counting in weeks for now...6 weeks...and my needles are going faster than I ever imagined! Last night for the first time in a couple of weeks I had to spend a little time with my spinning wheel, it was feeling a little neglected! We are getting ready to go out of town for a few days so I'm busy getting all my projects "ready for travel" making sure I'm not without something to work on AND of course, I've mentally marked all the fiber shops in the Asheville area! My books and camera will be along as well so I hope to have pictures posted later on.
It's very hard to believe how Christmas is pushed further and further ahead of Thanksgiving every year. My father plays Santa at the local mall and believe it or not he started a week ago! I can remember as a child it was the big thing to go the day after Christmas to see Santa ride in either on a helicopter, fire truck or horse days it's no big thing. The day after Christmas is 'The Big Shopping Day' which I could do without. Having worked in retail SUCKS! I won't even go near a mall for at least a week after own way of boycotting. The sales don't get any fact, I have found some things at the same price or better than the "Day after Thanksgiving." The real meaning of Christmas has been forgotten, our societies values are crumbling.

And for more ranting...(just something I need to vent on)

For the most part children are not being taught values. My daughter works in a local retail store...a young lady she goes to school with was hired 2 weeks ago, she was fired Saturday for not showing up to work on 2 occassions. In my opinion this reflects on the fact that children are given everything these days and not taught to work for things they want. I was not given a car...nor has any of my children, they have had to buy their own...and you know what! They have appreciated that first car, so many of the kids these days will wreck their first car because "mommy & daddy will get them another one." I better quit while I'm ahead....Okay, enough of that rant!
Better get to knitting...

Friday, November 11, 2005

Colors of the Rainbow

Dyeing the Rainbow

Okay....finally some pictures of what my blog is all about! Yes, I'm "digitally impaired" I take photos the old fashioned! I just picked up some of my pictures and this is the one I was hoping for.

Taken during the weekend of the Appalachain Folk Festival September 24 & 25th of this year at Virginia's Explore Park ( I put on a natural dyeing demonstration and learned a few things in the process...I always learn something when participating in these events. On Sunday Kimberly showed me the process of Indigo dyeing, which of course, I have never done. On Saturday I dyed using Osage Orange and Madder, then on Sunday I top dyed a few skeins with the indigo.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fantastic Fall Weekend

I wanted to post this before I left on Friday but with all the preparations for our camping trip there was no time!! What a wonderful weekend! The weather was beautiful…the leaves were at peak color…the camping was perfect! I was able to get a lot of knitting (and reading) done, I wish I could be two people at once so I could do both at the same time. I found out just how out of shape I really am! We attempted a hike to Molly’s Knob in Hungry Mother State Park…well, we didn’t make it all the way. The direct hike was 1.8 miles and rated a HARD hike, so we decided to take a round about route giving ourselves time to work up to the HARD part. After hiking (me almost losing a lung in the process) the Moderate trail to the junction of the Molly’s Knob trail we found out there was a mile left! Oh well, we were able to get some great pictures along the way so it wasn’t all a loss.
So far I have finished a Maggi Knits sweater for my little 3 year old niece (pictures to come later after it’s sewn together), a mobius wrap, and 2 felted purses. I have a couple more felted purses left.
I have been reading about this recycled Sari Silk, so I bid on some on Ebay and won. It's beautiful I plan on making me a jacket out of it I just need to get past Christmas first. There are so many projects I want to knit...I just need to find the time to do more!

Till next time.....