Sunday, February 21, 2010

Contrary to.....

....rumors and news reports----I am still alive!! You can't count on the news to get anything right.

What can I gets in the way and FaceBook has sucked me in! Our winter weather has been, well lets just say IT HAS BEEN ONE HELL OF A WINTER!! As much as I love snow, I love it to leave after a weekend of enjoyment...we've had snow practically every weekend since December 18th! And we've not had a two day stretch of 40 degree temps since November 28th -- till this weekend! January was just damn cold, I don't think it ever went above freezing the entire month. With all that said I had to join the YMCA for my regular running and exercise...I have a race next month! I've even hired a personal trainer to put me through hell, why would you pay someone to do that? Cause I need it!!!!

So on to another regular posting of the past---


Let's hope that Spring is near...I'm sick and tired of this!!!

I WILL NOT complain about the heat of summer...and if you hear me whimper one word you have my permission to slap the crap out of me!!

Oh...and I am doing lots of knitting!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!