Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well, I did it....

I registered for the Richmond Marathon/Half Marathon/8K last night!! I'm planning on running the 8K, but I'm going to train as though I'm running the half marathon...who knows I may switch races!!!

This time it's going to have special meaning. As with most races they are for a charity, Richmond's charity is Donate Life. I have been an organ donor for YEARS...and I hope that those reading this are as well, or may decide to become a donor. Please....PLEASE consider this very important choice.
Many donor stories have brought me to tears...there was one that I saw on the news a year or so ago where one person saved 5 lives.

Now you ask how this related to my reason for running this race...I will be running for my uncle. You see he has Pulmonary Fibrosis, without new lungs and a liver he won't be with us for very long. Life is precious...and time is of the essence.
My uncle was one of my teachers as I grew up...you've seen pictures of me fishing, well...

I have that love of the outdoors to thank him for. I'd LOVE to take him fishing, but he's far too weak to go.

As Hubby and I head out this weekend for our annual 4th of July float trip with friends, my uncle will be with me in spirit. I hope to bring him back a fish...or 2!!

Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers...and if you aren't an organ donor please give it some thought, it's very easy to do!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'----and Fishin'!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Yet...another Monday

...with bad news related to last weeks post. The beautiful Gazebo you see in the background was destroyed on Thursday. A truck parked up on the hill was NOT placed in park, only the emergency brake was applied and it failed, causing the truck to roll down the hill and BOOM....

This is a landmark in Salem...the original one was built in 1841 and was on the old Courthouse lawn, later it was moved and for many years a local band played regular concerts in it.

It will be rebuilt...right now it's still laying in a heap where it once stood.

Oh a happier note....wish my lovely husband a Happy Birthday will ya?

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'

Monday, June 21, 2010


....geez, the weekends get shorter and shorter!

Saturday we had our WWKIP day at our normal spot...Lake Spring Park in Salem, aka The Duck Pond. It was a beautiful morning, and this year we didn't have a storm till later into the evening. Our group was small and Pam had her very opinionated duck there...every time she said something it would quack-quack-quack-quack...too funny! Pam & Stephanie brought their wheels but I didn't this year, I couldn't figure out how to travel with hit on the bike. Dani & Christy were there too with some beautiful knitting projects.
Pam offered up some great prizes--THANK YOU PAM!

Hubby came by so Rudy could visit with the ladies! Simply a GREAT DAY!!
Sorry to be so short, but I'm trying to get this post up before I start dinner!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally.....IT'S FRIDAY!!

Nothing real significant to post up today...except for my BEAUTIFUL Anniversary flowers from Tuesday.

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'

Thursday, June 17, 2010

And it the busy-ness continues~~

OH....and it's a Dogs on Thursday post...can you believe it?

A couple of weeks ago we attended the 2nd annual Bark in the Park at the Salem Red Sox game. This is a fundraiser for our local SPCA.

Of course, Rudy sported a NEW jersey for this years event!

The MANY poses of Rudy!

He thoroughly enjoyed the game and all the attention he received. This here there were many more dogs than last year and with the continued success we hope they will have this every year. Hubby and I love baseball....and Rudy!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Whiskers on Wednesday---What a Runner sees...


I know you guys are probably wondering about Mr Ace...he is doing pretty good. He has good days and bad days. With the heat and humidity we are having these days he has more bad days than good...but he's hanging in there.
This September he'll be 18...in cat years that's 93 (according to a chart at the vet's office--other websites say he's 87)....Old Man!

I wish I had my camera with me when I run so I can show you some of this stuff...pretty amazing.
A baby bottle
A baby pacifier
A baby diaper (used--ugh)
A baby shoe----not all on the same trip but I'm beginning to wonder if I'll find the baby!!

More trash...I think I'll start running with a bag so I can start picking up some of it.

This past Sunday I had a great idea (one might think) to run Roanoke Mtn...just off the Blue Ridge Parkway...I'll tell you that this is Wed and I'm STILL sore from the run! It's a 4 mile loop (that I added an additional 1.25 miles after the descent) The first mile is a CONTINUOUS 10% grade -- which feels more like 50% once you get started!
....ANYWAY--while on this run I saw:

More trash--jeez people, what are you thinking?!
2 young bucks ran across the road in front of me
Lots of other cyclists and runners, which is comforting to know I'm not out there alone running a mountain!
Several pages from a gay magazine (and you know what kinda magazine I'm talking about)!!! Ummmmm, okay....

As I run I'll keep a list of more that I see!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The BEST day of my life...

8 years ago today WE celebrated the best day of our lives! Happy Anniversary Honey!!


A very special Happy Anniversary shout out to my favorite cousin and her hubby...they celebrate 25 years!!

....she's gonna kill me for this!

Happy Anniversary Kim & Freddie!
(boy, do I have a story to tell about that day....lets just say I'll never forget it!)

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


....where did I leave off?

On a beautiful Sunday in May, Mom, Hubby and I trekked off to a strawberry farm to pick some of the most beautiful and tasty berries. I made 6 pints of freezer jam, froze 2 gallons and had plenty of strawberries to just simply snack on.

We're looking forward to the upcoming blueberry & blackberry/raspberry picking!

Remember support your local farm, farmers market or CSA!

For Mother's Day I made my Mom a Clapotis from the Recycled Silk I purchased some time back...not quite sure how it would turn out I was quite pleased with the effect the color banding gave on the diagonal...yes it is a bit heavy but Mom says it will serve her well--keeping her shoulders warm and having no trouble being able to wear it with just about anything.

On our Memorial weekend camping trip we had some pretty bad storms during the night time hours that really upset Milo...Rudy slept through it all...but woke to the most beautiful mornings.

....and color inspiring sunsets!

Wouldn't this make some beautiful yarn?!

Yeah, work has been crazy....and I mean crazy! It's unbelievable how one place can totally suck the life out of you--I love running!

I've had a couple of comments (not posted) about me going on my "me trip" -- ALONE! Yes, is it so hard to believe? I guess for some people they don't have the comfort level that I do about venturing out alone. There are 2 places besides here at home that I feel so totally comfortable, because I'm so familiar with the areas that it feels like home...Myrtle Beach and the Great Smoky Mtns.
Back last October Hubby went on a "He Trip" to Kentucky....alone, while I had planned to go to the beach on my "me trip" ALONE but my part of the deal got nixed when the weather turned horrible for a beach trip. So when the winter weather finally broke I decided it was my turn!! With camera in tow I tripped around all the areas I am very familiar with. In fact, I awoke at 5 am one morning to head out into the Great Smoky Mtn parkway on a hunt...for the perfect sunrise. Let me tell you it was COLD...below freezing! I set up my tripod, kept the heat on in the truck and would jump out take a few shots then jump back in to warm up...as I didn't take a coat with me.
What do you think? Was the freezing worth it all??

...this would make some pretty yarn too!!

While I was there I did get to visit my friend Nancy at Smoky Mtn Spinnery, but since I'm still on my "yarn diet" I didn't buy anything...but I did fondle a lot of beautiful yarns and fibers!!! She has the best collection of fibers from all over the world! On my last visit to her she let me hold $300 work of vicuna fiber...exactly 1 oz--it felt like air!

I guess I'd better get on with the evening...

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yoooooo-Hooooooooo....anybody still here? Just in case...

Holy CRAP....where does time go? Between general "life stuff", work, training/running, knitting and the "time suck" better known as Facebook...I seriously have no excuse.
Work is still "crazy" and can't help but feel the life being sucked from my body while there--hence, my running schedule being what it is. I feel so much better when I run!

Let me see if I can at least get you caught up a little bit~~warning, lots of photos to share.

Hmmmm, last post was at St. Patty's day...I ran the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon/Half-Marathon/8K in Virginia Beach to celebrate! The weather was perfect...a cool morning was followed by a BEAUTIFUL day.

Now, 10 days before race weekend I caught a horrible cold...thanks to a "considerate" co-worker, one who needs to attend kindergarten again to learn how to cover when she coughs and wash her hands when she spews into them...or better yet DON'T COME TO WORK WHEN YOU ARE SICK!!

Anyhoo...I was determined after training so hard to attempt the race. I had to stop at mile 2 for a short coughing spell, then I was back on to finish the 8K race. I finished 5 minutes slower than the goal I had set for myself but considering being sick I gave myself a pat on the back.
Then there was the after race party! You see, the motivation I had for this race was that each runner gets "FREE BEER"!!

THIS IS THE PARTY TENT!!! (the tent on the left...the one on the right was for VIP's--and that didn't include me) Believe me it was huge....

A view from inside...yep, we had a GOOD time!
Funny story~just how good a time we had, and how old I'm getting! The race started at 8am...I finished in 50 minutes, hit "The Tent" by 9am...got my first glass (of several) of free liquid carbs...listened to some good music, let the dogs play in the sand, when the band left we decided it was time to maybe get something to eat, so we headed back to the hotel...where we (Hubby, Chase, myself, Milo & Rudy) proceeded to pass out...we woke up 3 hours later wondering what the heck had happened...and we were STARVING--a diet of liquid carbs won't go very far...as we found out! Don't worry, we did have a good meal and ice tea to drink! ~wink~

Early April I went on a "Me Trip" to Gatlingburg, TN...I'm sure many of you know if you have little people, fur-babies or a spouse you have people dependent on you--I just needed a weekend to myself...to rejuevenate. Ahhhhh, it was refreshing...even if I did miss my guys a lot!

A few weeks later we went on our first camping trip to Claytor Lake, seems that this is our inaugural trip every year. We had rain but had a good time anyway. As you can see from the picture Rudy was the picture of relaxation!

Oh...and my Mom and I enrolled in golf lessons--Oh, Hubby and I play Par 3 at the beach every year but I've never had formal lessons, but my Mom is preparing for my Dad's retirement. Oh no...he doesn't play, she's just preparing to get out of the house while he's there!! We had a lot of fun, and have been playing quite a bit.

The last of April & May I've been hard at work getting my garden going...I've made a pact not to buy produce from the grocery store--and I haven't...well, except for banana's but I've yet to find a homegrown banana here in Virginia!

I've utilized my patio as additional garden space...

...of course, my assistant Rudy has to make sure everything is okay!

Whew....I think I've gotta break this up into a few posts. Hope someone is still out there to read my rambling!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!