Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yoooooo-Hooooooooo....anybody still here? Just in case...

Holy CRAP....where does time go? Between general "life stuff", work, training/running, knitting and the "time suck" better known as Facebook...I seriously have no excuse.
Work is still "crazy" and can't help but feel the life being sucked from my body while there--hence, my running schedule being what it is. I feel so much better when I run!

Let me see if I can at least get you caught up a little bit~~warning, lots of photos to share.

Hmmmm, last post was at St. Patty's day...I ran the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon/Half-Marathon/8K in Virginia Beach to celebrate! The weather was perfect...a cool morning was followed by a BEAUTIFUL day.

Now, 10 days before race weekend I caught a horrible cold...thanks to a "considerate" co-worker, one who needs to attend kindergarten again to learn how to cover when she coughs and wash her hands when she spews into them...or better yet DON'T COME TO WORK WHEN YOU ARE SICK!!

Anyhoo...I was determined after training so hard to attempt the race. I had to stop at mile 2 for a short coughing spell, then I was back on to finish the 8K race. I finished 5 minutes slower than the goal I had set for myself but considering being sick I gave myself a pat on the back.
Then there was the after race party! You see, the motivation I had for this race was that each runner gets "FREE BEER"!!

THIS IS THE PARTY TENT!!! (the tent on the left...the one on the right was for VIP's--and that didn't include me) Believe me it was huge....

A view from inside...yep, we had a GOOD time!
Funny story~just how good a time we had, and how old I'm getting! The race started at 8am...I finished in 50 minutes, hit "The Tent" by my first glass (of several) of free liquid carbs...listened to some good music, let the dogs play in the sand, when the band left we decided it was time to maybe get something to eat, so we headed back to the hotel...where we (Hubby, Chase, myself, Milo & Rudy) proceeded to pass out...we woke up 3 hours later wondering what the heck had happened...and we were STARVING--a diet of liquid carbs won't go very we found out! Don't worry, we did have a good meal and ice tea to drink! ~wink~

Early April I went on a "Me Trip" to Gatlingburg, TN...I'm sure many of you know if you have little people, fur-babies or a spouse you have people dependent on you--I just needed a weekend to rejuevenate. Ahhhhh, it was refreshing...even if I did miss my guys a lot!

A few weeks later we went on our first camping trip to Claytor Lake, seems that this is our inaugural trip every year. We had rain but had a good time anyway. As you can see from the picture Rudy was the picture of relaxation!

Oh...and my Mom and I enrolled in golf lessons--Oh, Hubby and I play Par 3 at the beach every year but I've never had formal lessons, but my Mom is preparing for my Dad's retirement. Oh no...he doesn't play, she's just preparing to get out of the house while he's there!! We had a lot of fun, and have been playing quite a bit.

The last of April & May I've been hard at work getting my garden going...I've made a pact not to buy produce from the grocery store--and I haven't...well, except for banana's but I've yet to find a homegrown banana here in Virginia!

I've utilized my patio as additional garden space...

...of course, my assistant Rudy has to make sure everything is okay!

Whew....I think I've gotta break this up into a few posts. Hope someone is still out there to read my rambling!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


Anita said...

I'm still here!!! Glad to see that you are too! :) You've been busy, me too. Too busy with work! We need to win the lottery so we don't have to do that anymore. LOL
Any plans to head my way this fall? Hugs to you!! Give Rudy a smooch for me.

Dianne said...

Still a little less than you.
Always enjoy catching up with what's going on at The Rudy Household.
He's still the CUTEST! said...

You HAVE been a busy lady! Good to see you back on the "air".

Channon said...

I've missed you and Rudy!! Glad to see you back in blogland. Let me know if you head up this way this summer...

Robin said...

I'm still here!!!!!! Been waiting for you! Sounds like your plate has been full. Good to have you back.