Monday, June 14, 2010


....where did I leave off?

On a beautiful Sunday in May, Mom, Hubby and I trekked off to a strawberry farm to pick some of the most beautiful and tasty berries. I made 6 pints of freezer jam, froze 2 gallons and had plenty of strawberries to just simply snack on.

We're looking forward to the upcoming blueberry & blackberry/raspberry picking!

Remember support your local farm, farmers market or CSA!

For Mother's Day I made my Mom a Clapotis from the Recycled Silk I purchased some time back...not quite sure how it would turn out I was quite pleased with the effect the color banding gave on the diagonal...yes it is a bit heavy but Mom says it will serve her well--keeping her shoulders warm and having no trouble being able to wear it with just about anything.

On our Memorial weekend camping trip we had some pretty bad storms during the night time hours that really upset Milo...Rudy slept through it all...but woke to the most beautiful mornings.

....and color inspiring sunsets!

Wouldn't this make some beautiful yarn?!

Yeah, work has been crazy....and I mean crazy! It's unbelievable how one place can totally suck the life out of you--I love running!

I've had a couple of comments (not posted) about me going on my "me trip" -- ALONE! Yes, is it so hard to believe? I guess for some people they don't have the comfort level that I do about venturing out alone. There are 2 places besides here at home that I feel so totally comfortable, because I'm so familiar with the areas that it feels like home...Myrtle Beach and the Great Smoky Mtns.
Back last October Hubby went on a "He Trip" to Kentucky....alone, while I had planned to go to the beach on my "me trip" ALONE but my part of the deal got nixed when the weather turned horrible for a beach trip. So when the winter weather finally broke I decided it was my turn!! With camera in tow I tripped around all the areas I am very familiar with. In fact, I awoke at 5 am one morning to head out into the Great Smoky Mtn parkway on a hunt...for the perfect sunrise. Let me tell you it was COLD...below freezing! I set up my tripod, kept the heat on in the truck and would jump out take a few shots then jump back in to warm I didn't take a coat with me.
What do you think? Was the freezing worth it all??

...this would make some pretty yarn too!!

While I was there I did get to visit my friend Nancy at Smoky Mtn Spinnery, but since I'm still on my "yarn diet" I didn't buy anything...but I did fondle a lot of beautiful yarns and fibers!!! She has the best collection of fibers from all over the world! On my last visit to her she let me hold $300 work of vicuna fiber...exactly 1 oz--it felt like air!

I guess I'd better get on with the evening...

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


Becky said...

Gorgeous scarf! And gorgeous sunrise, too. Glad to see you blogging again. I was beginning to feel a bit lonely out there.

Channon said...

Beautiful photos. Love the clapotis.

I'm afraid I need ME time too regularly to wait for a trip. Luckily with chiefly duties and such, the Knight is gone enough that I can recharge just about weekly, with an evening here and there.

Rachel said...

Good to see you pop back in blogland Robin! Great to see you are still running and enjoying it...I quit training for a bit but have recently started back up and it feels pretty good!

I don't find the 'me' time alone odd at all...I'm glad you and your husband understand and allow each other that time!!

Bubblesknits said...

Oh wow...I love that Clapotis. That's probably the prettiest one that I've seen. :)