Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another Holiday Weekend!

Happy 4th to everyone out there--Yeah I know it's a little early but I won't be here to post on the 4th--so consider me the first to wish you a Great 4th of July!

I guess you can tell from the picture...WHY I won't be posting for the next 6 days! As always I'm excited--I'll get a lot of things done while I'm gone--fishing, knitting and reading--probably in that order! We'll be going back to Hungry Mother State Park .
Go here if you want to see previous pictures posted of the park. As I stated in that post...This is our new FAVORITE park. This is going to be a "family" trip, the 3 of us--my Mom & Dad--My brother, SIL & niece Maggie--my son Chase and his girlfriend Jessica! I swore this would not happen this year--I won't go into detail but we had a major meltdown a couple of months ago because of the camping situation--lesson to Robin--NEVER SAY NEVER! Before you ask--no we are not all staying in OUR camper--they have their own accommodations!
My knitting is packed...of course it's the first thing I pack! Now I have the rest of the day to get everything else together and get the camper packed up! We leave tomorrow at noon--I'll be ready! By leaving this weekend we are going to miss (thankfully) 5 days of the Salem Fair! ALL the freaks and weirdos come out for this thing--people you NEVER see any other time?!? I think they have this traveling band of freaks follow them from city to city! As of yesterday they had NO rides set up--it opens at 4:30 today! This is a huge fair, I would estimate that they have about 25-30 rides with about 10-15 being the big, fast moving rides. I ask one question--who, in their right mind (thus the weirdos) would get on a ride that propels you high into the air and at mind scrambling speeds that have been set up just HOURS before???? NOT ME--maybe this proves I'm not a weirdo after all!
I didn't post this yesterday...But Happy Birthday Honey! My hubby celebrated his birthday very quietly...Which I will remind him that's what I want come August! Today is my step-daughters birthday--she and my oldest are the same age--25! Her boyfriend is supposed to take her to The Melting Pot for dinner tonight--I think I can speak for her but, Mary and I are envious!
I've sent my SP a postcard letting her know very soon she should start stalking the postman--I have her package all ready to go out but I'm not going to send it until I get back! I'm very excited for her to get this one--and I've started the last one already! I'm saving the best for last! With each package and email I've given a clue--she hasn't figured any of them out yet, at least I don't think she has! Maybe I'm better at this thing than I thought! I'm not going to list the items I'm sending until I know she has received it, just in case she has found me and not telling!
I hope everyone has a great weekend...see you next week!

Happy Knitting & Spinning!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Did you ever wish you had duck feet? Today is one of those days! In the last 24 hours we have had over 6 inches of rain...and for those who know me and where I live you need duck feet to get around! I live on a hill near the Roanoke River, which is a good thing...except for the fact that I need to cross the river to get ANYWHERE! My drive to work each morning takes about 5 minutes maybe drive home today took 25 minutes! Many, many roads are closed 2 bridges are open (for now) that enables me to get on the "home side" of the river! My biggest gripe is the "gawkers" those who act like they've never seen flooding before...and if you've lived her for 40 plus years like I have you are used to it! Flooding happens at least twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall! Gawkers not only impede your ability to get anywhere they cause accidents! I saw 2 people not paying attention pull out in front of oncoming traffic! Another lady decided to back-up...with ME (and other traffic) behind her! Needless to say...I'm home...and KNITTING!

Friday, June 23, 2006


This is my oldest FO--My Maggie Jackson "Ballinadee Cardi" from Maggie's Ireland I finished it a year ago just in time to wear it to my Step-daughters graduation from VCU.
I love this sweater but the linen has stretched and it feels a little big now!

This is my Oat Couture--Celtic Cardigan

LOVE IT! I wore it a lot this past winter.

And now just what you've all been waiting for-----(No--not you Lammi)
The Moorish Sweater

Notice the postcard--this came from my Secret Pal, the picture was taken by a friend of hers at a Textile show. BEAUTIFUL!

And now this...Stash Busting

I've had this Biwa mercerized pearl cotton from Crystal Palace for 23 years (you wouldn't believe my stash)! Since I can't stand the thought of touching wool of any sort and I can't buy any fiber until I recover from this "Month of Celebrations" I though I'd ask for some advice--I have 558 yds, what should I make? This is one thought. I may come up a little short but this pattern is knit from the top down--I could add something at the bottom if necessary. Anybody out there have any other ideas--please leave me a comment with your suggestion!


Blogger is really P^&$ing me off! For 2 days now I've been trying to upload pictures of my FO's and IT WON'T LET ME!

Hang on--I'll get it!

$*&*$&*^ *&%^*@*#

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Get ready because I've got a picture filled entry here--I have a couple of FO's that are older but didn't make it on the blog--Well, it was going to be picture filled until BLOGGER stopped loading my pics! @$*%!&

First off--BOY IS IT HOT! Today was a record the airport reported 97 degrees, but my son called and said that at the bank he was at it said 105 degrees! And NO I haven't put my air conditioners in yet...but you better believe they are going in--just as soon as hubby gets home!

Do you think he's dead?

The Drops Sweater--I haven't decided whether to add the beads to the bottom and if I do I don't know exactly what type of beads to put on it! I thought about the shell beads you see hanging with it (Mini Me is hoping to be seen--she's so small).

Okay...I'll have part II as soon as I can get the pictures uploaded--Sorry folks! I think I need to go knit to calm down!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Yet another celebration...

Please forgive the selfless promotion...but it is MY blog!

Happy Anniversary...yeah, yeah I know I'm a day late but I was busy yesterday! This is our Wedding photo, I know it's not traditional but it WAS traditional for 1863! We had a Civil War era wedding. Since Jack and I met 7 years ago during a Civil War event we thought it fitting to have the appropriate wedding! My dress was made from an 1863 Godey's print (that was a ladies magazine of the day which featured the latest in fashion from Europe...from which they had their gowns made). The fabric is a reproduction of an actual 1860 fabric. The velvet ribbon and lace is antique! The buttons (which you can't see from this picture) are scottish thistles. I had the ceremonial horseshoe charm sewn into my hem. And my Tartan...I came into the Church wearing my McCray (Macrae) tartan but during the ceremony Jack presented me with the Ferguson tartan...which I'm wearing in this photo. The one NON-period thing about this photo (besides it being in color) is my my age a woman would not have worn her hair down like this but my Mother didn't want me putting my hair up...she said "you look old"! Thanks MOM! I not only made my attire for the day but I also made Jack's Wedding attire! Just call me SUPERBRIDE! This all took place 4 years ago at Explore Park and actually we've been asked to reprise our roles as Bride & Groom for a Wedding event in October at the Park.

This has been one hell of a week...but I've managed to keep sane with my knitting. The Moorish Sweater is almost done...all I have left is 1 inch of the neckline to complete. The Drops sweater is also nearing the finish line! I have about 6 more inches of the sleeves (yes plural--I always knit boths sleeves at the same time)left to go!

Well...I'm getting ready for the big PARTY tomorrow so I'd better make this short! Everyone out there...HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June is a Month of Celebrations

Of course if you read the previous post you’ll find it was my oldest son’s birthday.

My baby graduates High School today…I thought I was going to be strong about this but it seems that I’m losing it by the minute! This past Sunday the Church held its Baccalaureate service…with music and pictures I ended up totally losing it. This morning I’ve cried once already…I hope I’ll be able to take pictures!

Thursday is our Anniversary…4 years! (Pictures to come on Thursday) Then we have Jack’s birthday (28th) and my step-daughter’s 25th birthday (29th)!

Needless to say…I’M BROKE…there will be no fiber buying for a while! BOOOO—HOOOO! I don’t think I’m going to be without anything to do…I really should “flash my stash” then you would have no pity for me acting like a baby!

PS-I've made changes to allow comments from everyone (I did not realize that I had it configured the way it was--boy, you learn something new every day) need to have a blogger please feel free to comment away!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy 25th!

Happy Birthday!

Today is my oldest son’s 25th birthday! I can’t believe it—but I do have the gray hairs to prove it! So many that I’ve categorized them into 3 for each culprit !

My trip to Richmond was….well….the knitting shops and my Knit night at Unraveled (more about that later) was the highlight! Otherwise…it was…(I don’t think my boss will read this) it was a real ZZZ….ZZZZ…ZZZZ….ZZZZ! My reason for going was a class I was to take for work and for those who don’t know I am “an employee of the Salem Public Library” no, I’m not a librarian…not that there’s anything wrong with that…
My supervisor is pregnant, she has been very sick and will, of course, be going on maternity leave so I needed to make sure I could perform her job while she is gone. I sat through 12 (TWELVE) hours of lecture! My brain was in overtime trying to figure out how I could get my knitting in the classroom! And by Friday…my brain could hold no more…STUFF! I’m so glad I had 2 days to rest up before having to get back to work…otherwise I would have to call in sick!

Knit Night at Unraveled
I can’t thank Mary Jane enough for allowing us go get together at her shop! I met a couple of new “blogger buds” and I hope to get back there soon to knit with them again…and maybe they will get here for one of our sessions! Mary and I had prearranged our meeting, then a couple of other ladies, Beth and Monet joined in! Mary and Beth are both knitting with Blue Heron yarns Rayon Metallic—It’s so beautiful, I must have some! THANKS for making at least one part of my trip worthwhile! Afterwards Mary and I stepped next door to "The Melting Pot" and had some of the best desert fondue! I truly wished I hadn't eaten before getting there...the food smelled wonderful!

I’m still working on the same two sweaters…I’ve cast on the sleeves for the silk sweater—I think I can see the finish line! I’m planning my next projects now; one will be a baby sweater for my supervisor, I want to make a sweater for my son’s girlfriend but I may have to go smaller and do something for everyone I plan to knit for (Mom, Maggie, etc.).

That’s all for now…(have to get to work)! I know others have been having trouble with blogger...I thought it was just being at work and the firewall was blocking me...I'm still having to edit and add once I get home! didn't just read that.

(Note--There is an amendment/correction at the bottom of my previous post!)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Wahoo—Yipee—My SP package arrived!! And wait till you see…

Lammi Ewejean and Mr. Ace couldn’t wait for me to open it…SP told me that there was something for Lammi with this package.

And when I did…

My Secret Pal likes playing tricks, each individually wrapped item had a number…and yes I opened them in order!

The contents (in case you missed something) are:

2 (not 1 but 2) Diana Gabaldon (she’s a popular Scottish writer who I’ve been wanting to read) novels—Cross Stitch and Dragonfly in Amber. I’ll be taking one of these to Richmond with me…since I’ll have plenty of reading and knitting time on my hands.

Highland Fudge---and YES it’s delicious—Of course I ate some, does no good to just look at it! No Lammi this is not yours!

A very precious lamb bookmark…which will go with my novels!

A pencil—which will go to work with me—WITH MY NAME ON IT—but if anyone takes it I’M the only one with this type of pencil—HA (get your own—It’s MINE)!

AND….(drum roll please)…for Lammi (I’m pretty sure this is her’s) a pet lamb--If you don't see it right away--look on her head! I’ve already chosen a name (Austin Powers fans will know this one)---Mini Me! Yes, I have a ‘sick’ sense of humor!

Mini Me may have to go to work with me to sit on my computer…that is if Lammi will let her go.

Secret Pal---You’re the best! Thanks so much!

Amendment/correction--I should have done my research prior to was pointed out to me that Diana Gabaldon is American...she lives in AZ! OOPS! And Cross Stitch is the UK title of Outlander! One should never assume anything---

Monday, June 05, 2006


A VERY good friend let me borrow this…so…

Guess what I did all weekend! Well, not all weekend but for a good portion of it at least. Back when I first started spinning I won a bid on Ebay for a small 4 oz bag of a beautiful chestnut colored alpaca from New Zealand, at that time I had no idea what I was getting for that amount. I put it with the rest of my stash waiting for the day…I’d really do something with it…That day has come! This past Spring when I attended the Sedalia Fiber Festival I purchased some Cashmere top to blend with the alpaca…then came a stash of Angora! So…I now have Al-Cash-Gora or Cash-Go-Paca! I had so much fun using the drum carder…carding everything in sight…the cat ran and hid! I do have some MORE angora to play with then I have to give the toy back!

About the STASH—I’ve been reading other blogs where there is a lot of “Stash-Flashing” going on. I’m really afraid to flash mine—shame-modesty-fear—who knows why. Maybe I’m just afraid of the reality of it all! I have yarn from 22 years ago (I also have fabric that old too). Yes…I’m a fiber HOG!

The knitting continues…working on the same ol’ things! I’m halfway up the back of the Drops sweater and worked a couple of rows on the Moorish sweater last night—the weather finally cooled off some.

I also worked on some spinning too! I finished about 500 yards of mohair for my Secret Pal’s next package. Started on some of my “luscious” Simpson fiber—the color is called “Dolphin Dance” it’s a beautiful turquoise blue mix (I’m really stuck on this color this spring)…don’t know what I’ll do with it yet!

My secret pal received her first package and she seems very pleased with all her goodies! I made her some stitch markers, sent 3 magazines; Interweave Crochet & Spin Off (the enabler in me did that one) and Vogue Knitting, 4 skeins of Lion Wool, this took me back because I asked her if there was anything from the states she would like to see and this was one of her responses…which surprised me because of all the beautiful fibers they have in Ireland something we take for granted as being so common place! I added some self-striping sock yarn too! I also sent her some Bath & Body Vanilla shower gel & lotion.

I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my package from Scotland!!! I just hope it arrives before Wed…I’m having to go to Richmond for a class that will keep me there for a couple of days…and if it doesn’t arrive in time—well, I’ll just have to console myself with visiting a few knitting shops! The mailman is hating me right now…everyday I’m like a kid…you know the one from the movie “Christmas Story” running to the bathroom with his “secret decoder ring” from Little Annie Oakley! I’ll run to the “stash room” with my package drooling and snarling at the cat! Who will (just like when I’m “busy” in the bathroom) sit outside the door and dig & meow till I open it!

ONE MORE WEEK—and my baby graduates High School! Unbelievable, what will life be like not having a child in school anymore? Well find out—well there is college next so I guess that is considered school but you guys know what I’m talking about!