Friday, June 16, 2006

Yet another celebration...

Please forgive the selfless promotion...but it is MY blog!

Happy Anniversary...yeah, yeah I know I'm a day late but I was busy yesterday! This is our Wedding photo, I know it's not traditional but it WAS traditional for 1863! We had a Civil War era wedding. Since Jack and I met 7 years ago during a Civil War event we thought it fitting to have the appropriate wedding! My dress was made from an 1863 Godey's print (that was a ladies magazine of the day which featured the latest in fashion from Europe...from which they had their gowns made). The fabric is a reproduction of an actual 1860 fabric. The velvet ribbon and lace is antique! The buttons (which you can't see from this picture) are scottish thistles. I had the ceremonial horseshoe charm sewn into my hem. And my Tartan...I came into the Church wearing my McCray (Macrae) tartan but during the ceremony Jack presented me with the Ferguson tartan...which I'm wearing in this photo. The one NON-period thing about this photo (besides it being in color) is my my age a woman would not have worn her hair down like this but my Mother didn't want me putting my hair up...she said "you look old"! Thanks MOM! I not only made my attire for the day but I also made Jack's Wedding attire! Just call me SUPERBRIDE! This all took place 4 years ago at Explore Park and actually we've been asked to reprise our roles as Bride & Groom for a Wedding event in October at the Park.

This has been one hell of a week...but I've managed to keep sane with my knitting. The Moorish Sweater is almost done...all I have left is 1 inch of the neckline to complete. The Drops sweater is also nearing the finish line! I have about 6 more inches of the sleeves (yes plural--I always knit boths sleeves at the same time)left to go!

Well...I'm getting ready for the big PARTY tomorrow so I'd better make this short! Everyone out there...HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!


Mary said...

What a neat wedding you had! You went to a lot of trouble and detail to pull that off -- Kudos! :-)

Have fun at your party this weekend!

secretpalgg said...

Congratulations....have a great party and enjoy your weekend.

The "Explore park" looks a great place to visit......maybe someday when/if I get across the pond!!!!!!

Sandra Bennett said...

WOW! Very impressive making all your wedding togs. I saw you visited Hungry Mother...Thistle Cove Farm is just over the mountain in Tazewell County. Next time you're in the area, come for a visit. In the meantime, visit me at or or

Birdsong said...

A belated Happy Anniversary to you. What a great job on the wedding clothes.

KnitNana said...

I love that photo every time I see it! I hope your day was special, and I know you're especially proud of DD now!