Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy 25th!

Happy Birthday!

Today is my oldest son’s 25th birthday! I can’t believe it—but I do have the gray hairs to prove it! So many that I’ve categorized them into 3 for each culprit !

My trip to Richmond was….well….the knitting shops and my Knit night at Unraveled (more about that later) was the highlight! Otherwise…it was…(I don’t think my boss will read this) it was a real ZZZ….ZZZZ…ZZZZ….ZZZZ! My reason for going was a class I was to take for work and for those who don’t know I am “an employee of the Salem Public Library” no, I’m not a librarian…not that there’s anything wrong with that…
My supervisor is pregnant, she has been very sick and will, of course, be going on maternity leave so I needed to make sure I could perform her job while she is gone. I sat through 12 (TWELVE) hours of lecture! My brain was in overtime trying to figure out how I could get my knitting in the classroom! And by Friday…my brain could hold no more…STUFF! I’m so glad I had 2 days to rest up before having to get back to work…otherwise I would have to call in sick!

Knit Night at Unraveled
I can’t thank Mary Jane enough for allowing us go get together at her shop! I met a couple of new “blogger buds” and I hope to get back there soon to knit with them again…and maybe they will get here for one of our sessions! Mary and I had prearranged our meeting, then a couple of other ladies, Beth and Monet joined in! Mary and Beth are both knitting with Blue Heron yarns Rayon Metallic—It’s so beautiful, I must have some! THANKS for making at least one part of my trip worthwhile! Afterwards Mary and I stepped next door to "The Melting Pot" and had some of the best desert fondue! I truly wished I hadn't eaten before getting there...the food smelled wonderful!

I’m still working on the same two sweaters…I’ve cast on the sleeves for the silk sweater—I think I can see the finish line! I’m planning my next projects now; one will be a baby sweater for my supervisor, I want to make a sweater for my son’s girlfriend but I may have to go smaller and do something for everyone I plan to knit for (Mom, Maggie, etc.).

That’s all for now…(have to get to work)! I know others have been having trouble with blogger...I thought it was just being at work and the firewall was blocking me...I'm still having to edit and add once I get home! didn't just read that.

(Note--There is an amendment/correction at the bottom of my previous post!)


Mary said...

I can't believe you have a son who is 25! You look ten years younger than me! Holy cow, (or Holy Lammi Ewejean), I need to move to the mountains and breathe in that youthful air!

That night at Melting Pot will be a happy memory for me long afterward - for both the food (YUM!) and the company! :-)

Birdsong said...

I certainly hope you had knitting to help you get through all that lecturing; it helps me concentrate, and I can relax a bit about having to sit still.