Monday, June 05, 2006


A VERY good friend let me borrow this…so…

Guess what I did all weekend! Well, not all weekend but for a good portion of it at least. Back when I first started spinning I won a bid on Ebay for a small 4 oz bag of a beautiful chestnut colored alpaca from New Zealand, at that time I had no idea what I was getting for that amount. I put it with the rest of my stash waiting for the day…I’d really do something with it…That day has come! This past Spring when I attended the Sedalia Fiber Festival I purchased some Cashmere top to blend with the alpaca…then came a stash of Angora! So…I now have Al-Cash-Gora or Cash-Go-Paca! I had so much fun using the drum carder…carding everything in sight…the cat ran and hid! I do have some MORE angora to play with then I have to give the toy back!

About the STASH—I’ve been reading other blogs where there is a lot of “Stash-Flashing” going on. I’m really afraid to flash mine—shame-modesty-fear—who knows why. Maybe I’m just afraid of the reality of it all! I have yarn from 22 years ago (I also have fabric that old too). Yes…I’m a fiber HOG!

The knitting continues…working on the same ol’ things! I’m halfway up the back of the Drops sweater and worked a couple of rows on the Moorish sweater last night—the weather finally cooled off some.

I also worked on some spinning too! I finished about 500 yards of mohair for my Secret Pal’s next package. Started on some of my “luscious” Simpson fiber—the color is called “Dolphin Dance” it’s a beautiful turquoise blue mix (I’m really stuck on this color this spring)…don’t know what I’ll do with it yet!

My secret pal received her first package and she seems very pleased with all her goodies! I made her some stitch markers, sent 3 magazines; Interweave Crochet & Spin Off (the enabler in me did that one) and Vogue Knitting, 4 skeins of Lion Wool, this took me back because I asked her if there was anything from the states she would like to see and this was one of her responses…which surprised me because of all the beautiful fibers they have in Ireland something we take for granted as being so common place! I added some self-striping sock yarn too! I also sent her some Bath & Body Vanilla shower gel & lotion.

I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my package from Scotland!!! I just hope it arrives before Wed…I’m having to go to Richmond for a class that will keep me there for a couple of days…and if it doesn’t arrive in time—well, I’ll just have to console myself with visiting a few knitting shops! The mailman is hating me right now…everyday I’m like a kid…you know the one from the movie “Christmas Story” running to the bathroom with his “secret decoder ring” from Little Annie Oakley! I’ll run to the “stash room” with my package drooling and snarling at the cat! Who will (just like when I’m “busy” in the bathroom) sit outside the door and dig & meow till I open it!

ONE MORE WEEK—and my baby graduates High School! Unbelievable, what will life be like not having a child in school anymore? Well find out—well there is college next so I guess that is considered school but you guys know what I’m talking about!

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secretpalgg said...

You keep stalking, its definately on the way, and should be there SOON!
It looks like you had fun with the drum carder over the weekend and that fibre looks so yummy and soft, bet you can't wait to spin it!!!!!