Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What a WONDERFUL Weekend!!!

Hungry Mother State Park
is one of Virginia’s PREMIER state parks! We were there last fall when a lot of the amenities were closed. All you really had to enjoy was nature itself…and that’s not bad at all! This time…what can I say…It’s the best park we’ve been to in along time. The peace and serenity is still there and why…because gas powered boats are NOT allowed! Only canoes, paddleboats and electric motorized boats! I hate going to Smith Mountain Lake because you cannot enjoy anything with out the noise! We fished, and I only caught “bait” (a 5 inch perch was the maximum), we went to the beach area…which there were hundreds of people at and yet you were not crowded at all! There is a trail (just over 5 miles long) that encircles the entire lake which you can hike, run or bike.

Here’s a picture from the top side of the dam…I have another but I need to edit it. This one seems a little dark I may have to edit it further once I post this to see how it translates (click on the picture to enlarge it). Our campground—Camp Burson is in the background. This is the newest addition to the park, there are a lot of plans they have in the works for this being the 4th campground but I have no complaints!
The Canadian geese flew in each afternoon…

Julia and I took a paddleboat out…and when I got off my legs felt like rubber bands! Across from the boat rental there is an amphitheater where during the summer they have live music on Saturday nights from June-Sept (yeah, we just missed that one by a weekend). Everything about this lake is so wonderful! Our campground (which there are 4 total) was filled to capacity but while you sit at your campsite…you feel as though you are alone…peace and quiet!

On to the Knitting:
Yes, of course, I took my knitting with me! But Lammi Ewejean didn’t come along…she said “I’m not camping material” Whine…Whine…Whine.
So the WINE became the picture model! Notice the bottle is empty! Hey Lammi—want some cheese with that WHINE? I had some and it was good!!!
Here’s the front of my DROPS sweater I’m making with Classic Elite Silk. Our neighbors camping next to us noticed me knitting and were quite intrigued! Funny how knitting and spinning in public can draw a crowd! Anyway she asked me to knit her a sweater! Non-Knitters are always blown away at the cost of having a sweater hand knit…so my usual response is to offer to teach one how to knit! Well, I took her name and address just in case I can do something for her. No promises made!
It’s been too hot (95 degrees) to pick up the wool sweaters I’m working on finishing even though I only have a short way to go on the Moorish sweater.

Katrina, hurry up and get well soon! Jennifer…my deepest sympathies.

Till next time…


secretpalgg said...
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secretpalgg said...

Deleted previous one due to too many spelling mistakes!!!!!!

Looks like you had a great time, it looks so peacful. I hope my camping weekend is as tranquil, but NO CHANCE, what with 4 kids and 2 are screamers, Not mine thankfully!!!!!

Start stalking the mailman!!!!!

Mary said...

That sweater is going to be gorgeous! I love the colors and it looks so touchable!

jane said...

Oh, that makes me want to go somewhere peaceful and drink wind and knit. I love your sweater. jane