Monday, May 22, 2006

Adventures in Knitting...

Okay--As promised here are some pictures I promised of the latest projects! Sunday, though very windy I was able to convince Lammi Ewejean to venture out for a while---all the while she complained about her "fleece" getting messed up! There were a couple of times when she thought the wind was going to blow her into the pond. She's seen what I can do with the wash machine and is fearful that I put her in peril on these photo shoots!

Here's my Norah Gaughan-Moorish sweater from Interweave Press Winter 2003 progress...

This is a very fun sweater to knit...just enough color change to keep it interesting and it's KNIT IN THE ROUND!!! No seams to sew up--except the underarm!! You would think that someone who is a seamstress by trade would not mind that part of knitting but I HATE SEWING UP SWEATERS!! I don't know why--I just don't! I don't mean to repeat myself but since it has been a couple of months since the last picture--I'm making it from Knit Picks Merino and (drum roll please) my very own handspun merino/silk blend! I've been spinning for about 4 years now and this is the first thing I've made with my yarn! Like I've said before--I mostly pet the skeins! Oh--I have plans for all my handspun--I just need more time to knit!

Here's my slow progress on the Sari Silk...(displayed on my new "period" wheel barrow hubby made me for toting my wheel at living histories!)

This is one sleeve and I've cast on for the body...and I'm getting board with the garter stitch! IF I frog this thing I'm going to change a few things--#1 being the stitch pattern!


My latest dyeing project--I love this kool-aid dyeing! Unpredictable...(Think of Forrest Gump here) "Like a box of Chocolates"!

My latest Yarn Shop visit was a pleasant I had a heck of a time finding it because it's in the basement of a gift shop and not well signed. This was my second time trying to find it...the first time we drove past it 3 times! This time I told my husband to park and we'd walk the block in which it was to be located...when we almost decided to go on to our other engagements I SAW THE SIGN! This shop has recently changed of the new owners Ute Grzanna along with an employee Ann (sorry I terrible with last names). They were very nice to me and helpful, I explained that going to yarn shops is a hobby in itself when traveling...and I always have to buy something--souvenirs! They have a lot packed into such a small place. A very large book/pattern section and a very good selection of basic, sock and seasonal yarns. Though they didn't have what I had asked for they were quick to tell me where I could find it--You wouldn't get that here locally!
Here's my loot--Lammi Ewejean is beginning to wonder where else I'm going to put all this!

I bought Classic Elite Classic Silk and Louisa Harding Flotsam to make this -- Now, there are those out there who know this about me--I NEVER follow a pattern the the letter! I'm always on my friend Nancy about "knitting outside the box"...she's not there yet...I will NOT give up though! Love Ya Nancy!


IndigoMuse said...

I love how the moorish sweater is turning out. What a pretty canvas that blue is for your handspun! I miss getting to see you. I hope that we can catch up soon.


Mary said...

That moorish sweater is stunning! Your handspun really makes it!

And I know what you mean about The Knitting Basket -- I too had a hard time finding them the first time I went there, but they've always been super nice and as they did for you, they suggested to me other places to look for yarn I wanted that they didn't have. How cool is that? I don't shop there often enough because they're sorta outta my way, but I need to go back there sometime soon.

secretpalgg said...

Love the Moorish sweater, your handspun is just what it needed. I also hate sewing up....yeuch!

The colour of your coolaid dyed yarn is wonderful...I love it!

Be intouch soon.

KnitNana said...

Lammi just chill, Momma knows how to keep you clean!
Love the moorish sweater! Just lovely...
Where IS The Knitting Basket? (and say 'HI' to Nancy!)

Melinda said...

The sweater is beautiful! (Off to put it on my list to do. . .)