Thursday, May 25, 2006


I bet you thought I was going to post a FO....No, Memorial Day weekend is upon us and I'm going camping! I plan on working on some knitting by the campfire and hopefully have a FO to blog about...if not...I'll just keep working on it! I was trying to find a picture like this showing the mother knitting...maybe I'm the only one?! I hardly think so!
We're going to Hungry Mother State Park, about an hour and a half away from we can get there quick, set up and enjoy our weekend more! I have this rule that for a weekend camping trip we can't travel more than 3-31/2 hrs from home...otherwise I feel like we set up stay one night and take down!
We have many wonderful parks within that range to choose from...but If you've been following my blog since the beginning we stayed there in October and really enjoyed it--there are some pictures posted from that trip.
On Knitting:
I'm about 40 rows from finishing the Moorish sweater...Yippee! Cause I really need those needles for the Classic Elite silk I'm working on. Oh, I love my Lantern Moon needles I'm just so used to using the circulars that the straights seem to get in the way a lot! The turquoise silk sweater is wonderful...I really like that yarn.
On Spinning:
Still working on the mohair...but the "fluff" I got from Mr. (David) Simpson is calling out to me! For some strange reason this year I'm stuck turquoise and ice blue! Last year it was reds...what next? I have two different turquoise colorways I bought from David. I'm talking myself out of taking my wheel camping...but how neat would that be to sit by the campfire and spin?! But also Mr. Ace would get very upset with Mom for taking the wheel and not him--though I don't think he would enjoy it too much. Knitting is a little more portable...for now, I'm dropping my hints about the Lendrum folding wheel for my birthday!!

Secret Pal emailed me to say that my first package is on its way....the mailman is going to hate me! I'll be camped out by the mail box like some crazy person! And with my luck it will probably be the week the regular guy goes on vacation...who always is promptly delivering MY mail at noon...the "replacements" are never there before 4pm...GRRRRR! Since I work part time at the library (7am-noon) I may have to leave early to catch him--DAILY!
I have the most wonderful Secret Pal...and with each email it seems like we've known each other FOREVER! So many really spooky emails have been exchanged! Thanks did a PERFECT job of pairing us!
Now, for my spoilee--I have her package together...I have one more thing I want to buy for her...I specifically asked her if there was anything in the States she longs to see...things we just take for granted...Cascade 220!

Okay...that's all for now---I'll be back on Tuesday of next week and hopefully with some great pictures!

Have a great Holiday weekend...and if you don't celebrate any holiday....MAKE UP ONE!


secretpalgg said...

Enjoy your weekend........and get stalking that mailman!!!!!

secretpalgg said...

Forgot....there is something for Lammi Ewejean too!!!!!!!!!!