Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Time Travelers...

I know this is a knitting-spinning blog but it’s also a place where I can talk about my other hobbies—to which I try to either knit or spin while participating! So—here are some pictures and information on our latest time travel.

WARNING--If history doesn't interest you this may bore you to tears!

The time was 1775 on the Virginia Frontier…my persona for this particular event is that of my ancestor, Catherine Rutherford…now, I add my modern name of Ferguson but during this time period it’s a very BAD name to have. Major Patrick Ferguson caused a lot of grief for the early settlers of this era and brought on his own demise when he offended and challenged the settlers who in turn eventually killed him at the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780. So, as Catherine (and let me tell you that it’s very hard to learn to answer by someone else’s name) I lived in Essex Co., VA where I met Mr. John Ferguson by way of my chosen profession…a seamstress…when he commissioned me to make him a new weskit (waistcoat—or modern day vest) and breeches. We married in June of 1750, with the looming tensions with Great Britain and upon hearing of the new land in “Kan-tuck-ee” we headed west to the frontier. Mr. Daniel Boone led many early settlers through the Cumberland Gap into the new land. We stopped off at Martin’s Station. Here we sought the safety of the forts walls…there were many Indian raids that have been taking place; many had already been captured or perished.
For the journey we were only allowed to take only the essential needs…my two luxury items are my spinning wheel and the china tea cup my mother gave me. I’m only hoping to keep them safe until we find our land.

Now…as for the pictures because I’m participating in the raid I didn’t get any pictures of the event but I hope you enjoy these relaxing shots from the weekend. I spent all day Saturday at the Station (Fort) spinning with the other ladies…that is until the savages showed up! The weather really held out for us, it only rained a little on Saturday night after we had gone to bed.

Friday night…enjoying the campfire with an old friend.

Sunrise on Saturday morning…unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy it. It was so cold I didn't move from under the wool blankets until later...and coffee was ready!

This area is so picturesque...simply breathtaking! This one is even kind of somber knowing what the day will bring!

I did get a lot of spinning done, I worked on spinning up my Jacob I bought last October...and on the drive down I was knitting up a storm! As soon as I get the sleeves and body connected I'm going to post an update on my Moorish sweater. I also started the Best-Friends sweater using my recycled sari silk I bought a while back...the only problem is I think it's going to be one heck of a heavy sweater. I might just end up frogging it! Those pictures yet to come!

One more picture of Martin's Station...


secretpalgg said...

It looks really "peaceful" and picuresque in your pictures, but that was before the "raids". Glad you had fun.

KnitNana said...

Ah Robin....lovely photos! Thank you for sharing them!

Rebecca said...

that's cool that you reinact. i tried to get my husband into that, but he wasn't too interested. and his job keeps him out of town a lot, so what's a single reinactor to do?

i did first person interpretation at Rocky Mount (sullivan county, tennessee) for a few years and enjoyed the "characters" i played; much later than your time period though, 1791. and, i like attending events as an observer, now.

i really miss all the dyeing and candlemaking and bullet making i did there. and i especially miss the sheep and working with raw wool. but the traditional gender roles and violence between settlers and first peoples doesn't suit me too well.

can't wait to read more about your adventures as your ancestress. oh, btw, dan'l boone is my 7 or 8th great-uncle!

ps found your blog via sp8.

Birdsong said...

I happen to love history and found this saga delightful! I envy you grrls on the east coast at times, as the history here is pretty short-time stuff in comparison. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure.