Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Did you ever wish you had duck feet? Today is one of those days! In the last 24 hours we have had over 6 inches of rain...and for those who know me and where I live you need duck feet to get around! I live on a hill near the Roanoke River, which is a good thing...except for the fact that I need to cross the river to get ANYWHERE! My drive to work each morning takes about 5 minutes maybe less...my drive home today took 25 minutes! Many, many roads are closed 2 bridges are open (for now) that enables me to get on the "home side" of the river! My biggest gripe is the "gawkers" those who act like they've never seen flooding before...and if you've lived her for 40 plus years like I have you are used to it! Flooding happens at least twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall! Gawkers not only impede your ability to get anywhere they cause accidents! I saw 2 people not paying attention pull out in front of oncoming traffic! Another lady decided to back-up...with ME (and other traffic) behind her! Needless to say...I'm home...and KNITTING!


Mary said...

Yeah, I keep looking outside wondering if it's another Tropical Storm Gaston, that dumped 14 inches on Richmond in 8 hours and flooded my car, and almost my house! After that, I bought flood insurance!

secretpalgg said...

I thought you only got rain like that in Scotland!!!! Hope you have plenty to keep you busy and in the house..... You will have if you are like me!!!!

Take care.