Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another Holiday Weekend!

Happy 4th to everyone out there--Yeah I know it's a little early but I won't be here to post on the 4th--so consider me the first to wish you a Great 4th of July!

I guess you can tell from the picture...WHY I won't be posting for the next 6 days! As always I'm excited--I'll get a lot of things done while I'm gone--fishing, knitting and reading--probably in that order! We'll be going back to Hungry Mother State Park .
Go here if you want to see previous pictures posted of the park. As I stated in that post...This is our new FAVORITE park. This is going to be a "family" trip, the 3 of us--my Mom & Dad--My brother, SIL & niece Maggie--my son Chase and his girlfriend Jessica! I swore this would not happen this year--I won't go into detail but we had a major meltdown a couple of months ago because of the camping situation--lesson to Robin--NEVER SAY NEVER! Before you ask--no we are not all staying in OUR camper--they have their own accommodations!
My knitting is packed...of course it's the first thing I pack! Now I have the rest of the day to get everything else together and get the camper packed up! We leave tomorrow at noon--I'll be ready! By leaving this weekend we are going to miss (thankfully) 5 days of the Salem Fair! ALL the freaks and weirdos come out for this thing--people you NEVER see any other time?!? I think they have this traveling band of freaks follow them from city to city! As of yesterday they had NO rides set up--it opens at 4:30 today! This is a huge fair, I would estimate that they have about 25-30 rides with about 10-15 being the big, fast moving rides. I ask one question--who, in their right mind (thus the weirdos) would get on a ride that propels you high into the air and at mind scrambling speeds that have been set up just HOURS before???? NOT ME--maybe this proves I'm not a weirdo after all!
I didn't post this yesterday...But Happy Birthday Honey! My hubby celebrated his birthday very quietly...Which I will remind him that's what I want come August! Today is my step-daughters birthday--she and my oldest are the same age--25! Her boyfriend is supposed to take her to The Melting Pot for dinner tonight--I think I can speak for her but, Mary and I are envious!
I've sent my SP a postcard letting her know very soon she should start stalking the postman--I have her package all ready to go out but I'm not going to send it until I get back! I'm very excited for her to get this one--and I've started the last one already! I'm saving the best for last! With each package and email I've given a clue--she hasn't figured any of them out yet, at least I don't think she has! Maybe I'm better at this thing than I thought! I'm not going to list the items I'm sending until I know she has received it, just in case she has found me and not telling!
I hope everyone has a great weekend...see you next week!

Happy Knitting & Spinning!


Beth said...

I hope you guys have a wonderful time camping. Enjoy the time with your family!

Birdsong said...

You may not get this till you return, but I hope you have a fun and restful time with your family! Happy 4th.

Mary said...

Have fun! :-)

secretpalgg said...

I hope you had a nice time a way.....I sure did!!!!!!!