Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Secret Pal 8

I've got 2 of the BEST secret pals...I want to do this again but I'm afraid that there will be no better Secret Pals paired up with me than I have this time!
I have my "spoiler's" permission to publish these photos...She recently attended Woolfest which I WANT TO GO TO! There were 8 ladies who camped out for the weekend...

Now...for those who know me and my love for History, this one is very intriguing! This is an interpreter demonstrating a "Muckle" which I told SP that it looked very much like what we call a Great Wheel.

Check out this great shawl! The Peacock shawl! AMAZING!!

And these "Gynormous" (Nancy before you correct me this is a word from the movie "Elf") knitting needles!

And....this is their haul for the weekend! I was told there was some "secret" maybe something in this stash is for me?!?

I have my next package together for my "Spoilee" in Ireland--I sent her a postcard and was hoping she would have gotten it by now. I wanted to send this package after I knew she had the postcard in hand...I plan on sending it on Friday. I can't wait to reveal myself and have my SP reveal herself to me but I don't want this to be over! I'm having too much fun...but at any rate I do know I have lifelong friends in both my SP's!

I had a great weekend...very relaxing! I did a lot of knitting and I promised myself I would do! I'm so enjoying the Diana Gabaldon book--Cross Stitch (aka Outlander) I can't wait to finish this one and start the other! If you are interested in Scottish History I HIGHLY recommend this book! I didn't take any pictures...sorry.

Tomorrow night is our Knitting/Spinning group meeting--I'm going to try to remember the camera so I can take pictures for the blog! Well--I've got knitting and reading to do and I can't do it while on till next time...
Happy Knitting/Spinning!


Mary said...

Holy cow, that's a lot of yarn! That's more than I have in my entire stash! Lovely shawl, too. Very cool.

Fair isle faerie said...

rghh |This is you !!!!

How went the Llanwenog ?? You must yell up if it went good as i kept half a fleece with you in mind !

Am i allowed to say excited > yet at the same time humbled, very very deeply humbled, we overpassed 840 applicants for the house. Im finaly begining to view my skills as worth something.

Hoper yer all fine ! Really miss talking to you. Im on digest for lists & to busy to answer most mails unless sent private (hints)


secretpalgg said...

The Muckle Wheel is the same as a Great Wheel.

Glad you have caught up with Angela's adventures.