Thursday, July 13, 2006

It always happens in 3's...or so I'm told!

No knitting pictures but that doesn't mean I haven't been knitting!

Have you ever waited for the THIRD thing to happen? Last Wed. (after our wonderful camping trip), we started our looooonngg-yet short work week with the "I don't wanna go to work" blues with the normal routine of coffee and the morning news, or so I thought! Our little TV in our bedroom just went "POOF"--dead! Nothing we weren't expecting, it was almost 25 years old. So we gave it the proper burial on Monday--sitting next to the trash can waiting for the "truck" to come pick it up! So, we've become accustom to the "new routine" coffee and the morning news in the living room--sitting upright mind you! I think the only one really bothered by this change is Mr. Ace...never, never change a cat's world! He simply can't figure our why we are in the living room!
SO--this past Monday I came home from work and as part of my "wind down" routine I either sit and spin or knit for a while...then I get off my bum and do some (not all of it) housework--YUK! I start hearing this awful grinding...whining sound--so I rule out "the daughter" and the cat snoring (yes, the cat of these days I'm going to record it), not really sure of where it's coming from I check the fiber room (of course I check it first!), our bedroom and the bathroom...I stand at my daughters' bedroom door contemplating opening it--I'm always afraid that no one will find me if I venture into---"The Swamp" (borrowed from M*A*S*H), there are few things I fear and that IS one of them! Ruling out all of these persons and places...I go to the kitchen--it's louder--it's the REFRIDGERATOR! It sounds horrible! I didn't call hubby at work...I waited util he got home...the look on his face is very grim--he gives me the bad news--"Sorry honey, it's going--I'm not sure how much time it has left"! Do I cry...of course I do...not tears of joy, mournful tears of utter sadness...that means for my birthday I'm getting a refridgerator! I WANTED A NEW SPINNING WHEEL!
We made our trip to Sears on Tuesday...bought a new fridge, which is getting delivered today. When the sales person told us that someone would call at 7am (and we had to be available at that time or we would not get delivery) I made all the appropriate plans to be here when they came---early---to get this over with. I get the call--they say "We'll be there between 12-4 to deliver your new refridgerator". DAMMIT! As I sit here typing the mournful, moaning and groaning continues...not it's not me-- it the fridge! I think I'll just go ahead and pull the plug...I can't stand it any more! Hopefully no sirens will go off alerting authorities to my murderous act--I'm just being compassionate! Not to mention the cat won't go in the kitchen to eat--he thinks the fridge is going to grab him! The terror filled look on his face is very funny--but I moved his food anyway!
Everyone always said things like this happen in three' I'm wondering what the 3rd thing is going to be! I HOPE IT'S NOT MY SPINNING WHEEL--but then I would HAVE to get a new one! Sabbotage?! Nah--I love my current spinning wheel too much. It's only 5 months till Christmas--

Happy Knitting and Spinning everyone!


secretpalgg said...

I hope its nothing too major that gives up!!!!! Its very annoying when that happens.

Hope Mr Ace likes the new quieter refridgerator and he can eat his dinner in the kitchen again!!!! You are certainlt making his life difficult this week!

Mary said...

I know what you mean about waiting for the other shoe to drop. All my appliances are probably 20+ years old - fridge, dishwasher, range, washer, dryer. I'm amazed at how my fridge just keeps plugging along. And the dishwasher, too. I sorta wish some of them would die so I could replace them with shiny new ones, but knowing my luck, it'll all happen the same week! Here's hoping your "third" isn't anytime soon!

KnitNana said...

OH...NO! You have rearranged Mr. Ace's reality! He won't handle it well, cats just don't!
And that noise the fridge makes is the worst...
Christmas isn't too far away!