Monday, July 24, 2006

SEE--I've been busy!

Here's the spinning I've been doing...remember me saying how I'm stuck on turquoise? This is called Dolphin Dance...and these pictures do it no justice at all! I bought this from Mr. David Simpson at Simspon & have to see his stuff in person to really appreciate it! This is 80% Merino/20%Silk blend...and its a dream to spin! I don't know yet what it's going to be...

AND...for the knitting...I finished another pair of socks! I was quite surprised by these, I bought Lion Brand Magic Stripes...unaware I was getting a faux fair isle pattern, a dear friend bought some that is just a pretty but not a fair isle design and the labels don't say what kind of pattern you are getting--they should do something about that--or that's why they call them magic?! Since I consider myself a beginner sock knitter I just want to get lots of practice in and cheaper yarns are the way to go! I've decided that this Christmas is going to be a "Sock Project Christmas" which simply means that everyone will get a pair of socks! I've started a pair of "Jaywalkers" (I know...I'm behind the times, seems everyone had made a pair of these except for me!) and I'm getting ready to start some men's socks.
With the heat we've had lately I can't stand to have something heavy (and wool) in my socks are the way to go!
The baby sweater I've been working on was frogged this weekend...I found a major mistake on my part that required drastic measures be taken! Oh well...the baby's not due to get here until early December anyway...I have plenty of time for mistakes!
We are getting ready to leave for Baltimore this week...and I hope to have some Yarn Shop reviews to post when I get back--hubby already knows we are visiting some! I also plan to go back to A Good Yarn, especially since they are located a few blocks from our hotel! I visited them last year (pre-blog days) and enjoyed this very small, yet quaint shop! And of course I'll be attending an Orioles game...Go O's! This has turned out to be a Birthday tradition for me...anybody familiar with "Boogs BBQ"? Of course, when I go out of town I kinda go on these "eating tours" which means Boogs for dinner on Friday night and I see lots of steamed crabs in my very near future!

Keep On Knittin" (I wish I could find that cartoon figure from the 70's--you know the "Keep On Truckin' guy...I'd have to put knitting needles in his hands!)


Mary said...

Love that turquoise/teal yarn - beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Have fun in Baltimore!


tangelled angel said...

That turqoise yarn is lovely, its really spun up nice! And you aren't the only one not to have done Jaywalkers, they are still on my to-do list!
Enjoy your holiday and look forward to reading your yarn shop reviews

secretpalgg said...

I haven't knitted jaywalkers either....I will one day! How long will you be in Baltimore for? Enjoy your trip, and looking forward to reading all about it when you come back.

I just love the torquoise yarn that you spun, its to die for! Looking forward to see a FO in it!!!!

KnitNana said...

I LOVE your socks - you're doing great! Newbie that you are at them, you'd NEVER know!

Amie said...

Hope you enjoy Baltimore - there are some great and some not so great shops here!

I'm having ring surf e-mail you the code for the Spinning Wheel, if you could please reinsert it. Something funky happens when I try to navigate through and it skips over a bunch. Hopefully reinserting will fix things.