Monday, July 17, 2006


I think the mailman is figuring out the Secret Pal thing...he's very fearful of me when my SP lets me know when to start watching for my package! It's like he's delivering to a house where there's a mailman hating pit bull...drop package and RUN!

I have the best Secret Pal ever! Lammi Ewejean and MiniMe couldn't wait, if they could bounce they would have...that's ok...I was bouncing!

And she still teases me...but it is like my Birthday or Christmas...more to open!

Where do I begin?'ve out done yourself! She went to Woolfest, as I'm sure you've already read in my previous post this I've got to look at the picture a little closer for my goodies!
It's truly amazing how much she knows about me! I love North Ronaldsay roving...and in fact, I had made sure that Spirit Trail was going to have a good supply for the Fall Festival...AND GUESS WHAT--MY WONDERFUL Secret Pal sent me some! Along with a booklet telling all about the breed, their history and the island! Some great North Ronaldsay horn buttons--which hubby is going to want...but their mine--ALL mine hee-hee-hee!
She's made me a beautiful silk blend scarf from Lana Grossa Gala Print...and it has turquoise in it! A new needlecase which I can use at my Living History events...because hubby took the one I had...SP how did you know?
A beautiful tea cup with my initial on it...SP how did you know I've taken up drinking hot tea??
Some of the MOST delicious Brodies Scottish Berries chocolates...which by the way are probably not going to last through the day--Tonight I'm going to have some with my wine, I have a great Cabrenet that I think will compliment nicely! I thought the Highland Fudge was to die for--I might let hubby taste part of one!
And last but not least...Lammi & MiniMe have a new pal--only this one is functional! A Lantern Moon "measuring ewe"!
She also included the brochure from Woolfest 2006 which has all the links and layout of the festival--guess who wants to go next year! Secret Pal---Can I come live with you?? You are the best--but how do you know me so well? What a way to make a Monday so pleasant!

I must offer my condolences to Mary and her thoughts are with you.

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'


secretpalgg said...

So glad you liked it, I certainly enjoyed making the package up. It was fun!

One of these days my identity is going to slip and you'll discover who I am!!!!!!

Mary said...

Lucky girl! Quite a haul! And a UK SP - way cool! A great excuse to travel abroad!

Thanks for your kind words on my behalf, by the way -- much appreciated.