Saturday, July 08, 2006


Here's a "Quizilla" poll I answered...and for most of you it probably won't surprise you one bit--I knew what the answer was going to be before I started it!

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I grew up my father's first son...then--four years later my brother came along and I was supposed to wear dresses and have tea parties--NOT! My mother literally had to hog tie me to get me into a dress! I can look back at pictures and there are VERY few of me wearing a dress, not to say it didn't happen--At Church I opted for the skirt and blouse look...but you better believe that when I got home I CHANGED into my jeans! I played with cars (still do--only on a bigger scale), I played sports (still do when the family gets together)...our last "competitive" sport was played a few weekends ago--badminton (I think my step-daughter was truly surprised at how rough it got!), I fished with my grandfather & uncle (still fish, YES, I bait my own hook)...I wish my grandfather was still here! I NEVER played dress up...until about 10 years ago when I started reenacting! I occasionally wear dresses now but I still feel more comfortable in my jeans. So I guess I am in touch with my feminine side.
Check THIS out! If you are a baseball fan THIS IS THE COOLEST! What's (dare I say it and be threatened with a lawsuit) Stitch-n-Bitch (so sue me) going to do about the play on words?
I showed it to Dear Hubby and he thought it was a joke...he said NO ONE can watch a ball game and knit at the same time and if they do they are not really baseball fans?!! What do I do every night while watching baseball?? Is this a challenge? I'm going to a Baltimore game at the end of this month...shall I take my knitting? Dare Me?? Maybe I need to start something in in black & orange!! That could change their streak of bad luck--maybe!?

I mailed my SP her second package--I'm not going to say what was in it until I think it's know, just in case I've been found out! I think she's going to really love this one--probably more so than the first one!

Happy Knitting!


Beth said...

I dare you ... I double dare you ... I you to take your knitting to the game.

I've done it many, many times. I've knit at baseball games (DD#3's dad played for the Richmond Braves), hockey games, a Redskins game (much to my brother's chagrin!), and Nascar (well, okay, not during the race, but while we were tailgating).

Mary said...

Baseball games are the perfect place to knit, since they're often quite slow. I've been to two R-Braves games so far this year and wished I'd brought my knitting to the first one. I brought it to the second one but was so busy talking to friends that it didn't come out.