Friday, July 14, 2006

Appliance Saga...part 2!

Okay...I'm going to keep this short because I'm really, really trying to get over all this CRAP!

Remember when I said the delivery company called to say that they would be here between 12-4?! Guess what--at 3:30 I received a call to say that they were running behind and would be here about 6---NOT! Six o'clock came a when--7o'clock came and went...THEY ARRIVED AT 7:45, just as we had finally decided to do something about dinner! Oh--and they are so sorry for the delay! Not only did they arrive so late but during a really bad storm...tracked water all over the place. They had the nerve to complain that the floor was slippery--

Everything is getting back to normal...almost

Remember that 3rd thing? I guess this will be it--On top of the wait I had for the delivery I discovered Mr. Ace is not feeling so well! I paniced when I noticed he was not eating or drinking and had not been to "potty" since the prior day! Cat people out there will know what I'm talking about without me getting so graphic--apparently his glands are needing attention. This is the first time in almost 14 years he has had this type of problem. I call the vet...he's on VACATION--and I can't get him in for a week! I know there are other vets out there but all his record are with this one! Not that he has a lot of health problems...but his world has already been "disturbed" by the stupid refridgerator! Hey...maybe the fridge bit him in the butt?! Oh well...late last night he perked up wanted to play and started "being Ace" he ate a little, drank some water and this morning he did his normal "private" business. AND...during the night he even felt up to a little "pillow" (those who know him will know what this is all about) so I know the situation is not all that dire and can wait till the vet gets back!

On to good it's GREAT looks like the dreaded soon to be daughter-in-law is NO MORE! YAHOO!!!!!!!! I can't begin to tell you what a relief that is...long story--let's just say she could star on Jerry Springer! Enough said!

About knitting--I finished the sleeves for Durrow and almost done with the baby sweater! I need to start planning my knitting for the trip to Baltimore in 2 weeks.

Happy Kitting & Spinning...


secretpalgg said...

Good news about refridgerator (even if it was late). Hope Mr Ace feels better soon and great news about the NOT soon to be daughter in law. Having said that I hope your son is ok and not hurting.

Hope you are still stalking the mailman?

Beth said...

Wow! My head is spinning - very busy few days. Here's to some peace and quiet ::raises glass::

Kimbre said...

Hi Robin!
I have actually never been to that shop, but a knitting friend of mine has and liked it. I believe they carry a lot of higher end yarns.


Mary said...

Glad Ace is feeling better - that's always a worry, isn't it, when they're not up to par?