Friday, June 23, 2006


This is my oldest FO--My Maggie Jackson "Ballinadee Cardi" from Maggie's Ireland I finished it a year ago just in time to wear it to my Step-daughters graduation from VCU.
I love this sweater but the linen has stretched and it feels a little big now!

This is my Oat Couture--Celtic Cardigan

LOVE IT! I wore it a lot this past winter.

And now just what you've all been waiting for-----(No--not you Lammi)
The Moorish Sweater

Notice the postcard--this came from my Secret Pal, the picture was taken by a friend of hers at a Textile show. BEAUTIFUL!

And now this...Stash Busting

I've had this Biwa mercerized pearl cotton from Crystal Palace for 23 years (you wouldn't believe my stash)! Since I can't stand the thought of touching wool of any sort and I can't buy any fiber until I recover from this "Month of Celebrations" I though I'd ask for some advice--I have 558 yds, what should I make? This is one thought. I may come up a little short but this pattern is knit from the top down--I could add something at the bottom if necessary. Anybody out there have any other ideas--please leave me a comment with your suggestion!


Mary said...

I love the Celtic cardigan and the Moorish sweater - both are gorgeous! What about knitting Grumperina's Picovoli pattern with the cotton?

secretpalgg said...

I just love your FO'S. The Moorish sweater looks great.Liked the cotton top pattern too.

Just added myself to your map, but don't know if it has shown up yet as all i can see is US.

Pooch said...

I love the look of your Maggie Jackson sweater! It has so much style and texture! Darn that linen anyway!! It is a beautiful sweater!