Thursday, June 22, 2006


Get ready because I've got a picture filled entry here--I have a couple of FO's that are older but didn't make it on the blog--Well, it was going to be picture filled until BLOGGER stopped loading my pics! @$*%!&

First off--BOY IS IT HOT! Today was a record the airport reported 97 degrees, but my son called and said that at the bank he was at it said 105 degrees! And NO I haven't put my air conditioners in yet...but you better believe they are going in--just as soon as hubby gets home!

Do you think he's dead?

The Drops Sweater--I haven't decided whether to add the beads to the bottom and if I do I don't know exactly what type of beads to put on it! I thought about the shell beads you see hanging with it (Mini Me is hoping to be seen--she's so small).

Okay...I'll have part II as soon as I can get the pictures uploaded--Sorry folks! I think I need to go knit to calm down!


Mary said...

It's lookin' pretty! Love that color! Love the pretty edge treatment.

Mary said...
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