Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Finally...Opening day has come! Yes, I'm a Birds fan! I can spin and knit while watching baseball, unlike during football season when I can't spin at all while watching a game...I tend to"run" with the plays and over twist my yarn...not a good thing! Really makes for a wasteful mess! On the Knitting/Spinning front: I'm looking forward to Saturday (4/8)...Sedalia Fiber Festival in Bedford...I just hope I don't get this nasty stuff (bronchitis) going around, currently hubby has it and it's not pretty! Since this is the first year of it I'm hoping for big show in attendance, with each year growing larger and larger! Bedford is only about 30 minutes from me, it would be nice to have a large fiber event close by! I'm still working on my Moorish sweater although I should have toted it along with me on Sunday...Jack was given free tickets to the Martinsville race and my brain wasn't in gear, we waited an hour and a half before atempting to leave because traffic was so bad and I didn't have my knitting with me...stupid! There was a time when I would try to go to as many races as possible during the season but know that I'm older...I hate the crowds, drunks (now I like to have a drink but I know my limit, others haven't yet grasped the consept) and traffic! But being given free tickets (and really good seats at that) we weren't going to turn them down! This week I'll be watching from the couch AND I'll have my knitting with me! Thursday is Knit/Spin night...I can't wait I miss all the girls! I've missed the past 2 meetings! HAPPY KNITTING/SPINNING TO ALL!

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Birdsong said...

I am envious; the nearest annual fiber fest is three hours away; most involve travel and overnight stays. Have a great time.