Monday, March 27, 2006

As Promised!

As promised here's my latest project...MY sweater I started on our Florida trip (notice the oranges)! I'm using Knit Picks Merino and my very own handspun. It's very exciting to see something I've spun going into a sweater, of course, this is not going to be the last time...I have others planned out and in the works! And as always the picture never does the piece justice.



IndigoMuse said...

Oooo, I love how its knitting up. I still can't find the "right" project for my handspun in that same fiber. I'll wait until something "calls" me. So glad you got back safely and looking forward to seeing you again soon.


Abigale said...

Hi there, I surfed on in via your link on a Spin-List post (I'm way behind on reading my lists). Anyway, I just wanted to comment (very politely) that your older posts are showing up in my Firefox browser with black text on black background, which is impossible to read unless I highlight the text with my mouse. Hope that you don't mind a smidge of constructive criticism. I've been tweaking my blog colors a bit lately, and know that I surely do welcome any feedback.

Anyway - your pics are lovely, and it's always wonderful to see people knitting with their handspun. Have a wonderful day :-) Abigale

Robin said...

Hi Abigale, I too have Firefox and I'm not experiencing the problems you describe. I use a 'template' and have not changed anything except for my template is brown on tan but thanks for letting me know I'll keep an eye on it.

Lois said...

Beautiful work and imagine your own handspun - impressive. I just love your bouncing sheep. I just started rebounding on a mini trampoline and would love to add one of those on my blog, but can't figure out how to make it animate. Any suggestions?

Birdsong said...

How wonderful to be making yourself something with your own handspun. A great design.

KnitNana said...

Wow, Robin, I can vouch that this is gorgeous in person! Saw it at RVSpinKnit last night - you have to be very proud of your hand-spun goodness!