Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm Back!!

Attending Hawks Nest was FANTASTIC! Anyone who lives close enough or can plan their vacation around it should do so! This Spinners Retreat happens twice a year, March and September. This year’s fall event happens September 28-October 1...so mark your calendars! I met many new friends and a few old friends. People came and went, a few of us stayed for the entire 4 days, there were those who came for the day and others who stayed only for one night. The lady who I give credit to for teaching me how to use my wheel was there, by surprise! I had no idea she was planning to attend! What a reunion! Spinners of all skill levels were there; I was even given the opportunity to use a “Journey Wheel” and loved it! Everything one needs is right there but, there are places to go and things to see! My hubby Jack went with me. He spent his time touring about “The Midland Trail” (Rt. 60) and taking pictures. We were able to get out on a hike a take some pictures together. I did get a lot of spinning done, got a lot of tips and ideas AND spent $$!

Here’s the man himself…Mr David Simpson of Simpson & Co. who brought lots of goodies to tempt us with…and tempt us he did. I don’t think anyone left there without making a purchase!

Here are a couple of shots from different vantage points of the conference room. Friday morning was particularly beautiful looking out the window over the Gorge…it snowed!

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KnitNana said...

Oh, Robin...I KNOW you had a wonderful time - great photos - and wow! SNOW? Spinning while snow falls...sounds simply idyllic...
We missed you at RVSpinKnit on Thursday night, tho'