Thursday, March 09, 2006

So...You want to see the new additions? you want to see what I bought? The pictures truly don't do the "fluff" justice! The 2 skeins of brown (sorry they are hard to see) are alpaca purchased from a very nice young lady who attended the event for the first time (moving clockwise), all of the roving is 75% Merino 25% Silk (and all available at Simpson & Co.)--the darker blue is called Stardust, the peachy/sage is called Silk Road and the turquoise is called Dolphin Dance. Not all these can be seen on David's website but he is in his studio by appointment or you can phone him if you have more questions. I just wish I could have spent more $$! His colorways are so unique and beautiful it's very hard to choose. The skeins in the lower right hand corner is what I completed while at Hawks Nest with fiber I purchased from Simpson & Co. last year.

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