Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Are you up for it?

Consider yourself challenged! Upon reading my favorite blogs...Check out Carole's post today!

Twilight Zone or what?

So far for the New Year...I've logged in 5 miles...I know, I know--but you have to start off slow! How about you? I thinks it's a "do-able" challenge!

Okay...I've added my button---and you can too! No blog necessary Go on over HERE and sign up!

What better way to get in shape or keep your shape and be Healthy---Together!!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!!!


Carole said...

Must be fate!

tangelled angel said...

The yarn I used for the elf hats isn't homespun unfort :-(
But it is lovely, and spun in Ireland :-)
We don't have much of that here anymore.
You can get it at or
and if you like smelling yarn, this is a must!! tee hee

Jeanne said...

Hi there! Another knitter who's participating in Runagogo! And I have chickens in the city! I'm glad to have found your blog!

Anne Margaret said...

Way to move, Robin! The kids and I have been filling in a chart to keep track of our miles as a family project. It is amazing how motivating a little coloring session can be! So, how do you post buttons to your blog? I am so html-impaired.