Monday, December 10, 2007


What tha.....where did the weekend go?? They fly by too fast these days, lets face it the days are flying by. Do you realize that Christmas Eve is 2 weeks from today? My needles are on fire!

As for the "Knitting Content" of this blog, I guess I'm one of those who forgets to shoot the "progress" of my here goes:

No I'm NOT knitting socks for BigFoot...well, actually I am. My big footed brother will be getting these! And again, I've suffered through the first sock and I've gone gangbusters on the second one this is how much I accomplished since Saturday...for some that's nothing but it's a BIG thing for me!
The pattern is from Nancy Bush's "Knitting Vintage Socks" Gentleman's Fancy Sock...a fast pattern to knit.

I've cast on for the first of two pairs of Fetchings, and if time allows I may throw in another Calorimetry for good measure!

Oh...yesterday I was enjoying my cup of coffee and on the old 'puter. I thought that the "Grinch" has visited my packages were all gone! I tried and tried to get the page to packages!! I liked seeing those packages drop in each time I loaded my blog. So, we left for a get together with friends...when we arrived back home I checked and they were back...whew! Thanks for all the kindness you have left for me.

Oh...go on over to IndigoMuse and give her some KnitBlogger Love, she's lost a dear member of her family. "T"...I'm thinkin' about ya!!

My WWCS package is in the mail!! I know we have until the end of the month to get our packages out but I really wanted my upstream pal to enjoy her package before Christmas! I really enjoyed putting this package together!

What The Holidays Mean to You

For you, the holidays are a very spiritual time. You have as much holiday fun as everyone else - but you never forget what you're celebrating.
You celebrate the holidays in a offbeat style. You believe the holidays are for doing whatever you feel like - and some of your "traditions" are pretty wacky.
During the holidays, you like to feel cozy and comfortable. You're happy to stay inside with a roaring fire and a warm drink.
You think the holidays should be decadent and indulgent. You never mind gaining a few holiday pounds... it's worth it!
Your favorite holiday memories strongly evoke your senses. You are vividly aware of all the tastes, smells, and sounds of the holidays.

Are you ready for the BIG day? I'm not...

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!!


Birdsong said...

I love the presents and glad it wasn't the Grinch. You also lifted my spirits; its a relief knowing I have less gift knitting to do than someone (hope that doesn't sound mean). It did hit me today that a LOT more decorating needs to happen around here.

Becky said...

Good luck with your knitting. I am suffering from SFS--second fetching syndrome. I finished the first one in a day, and have spent 4 days on the second. This is my second pair. I was thinking about making a third, but I may forego those. I'm about fetchinged out.

Say, HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!I love, love, love Jason Witten, and Marion Barber. Every time one of them would make a play, I'd tell the dogs, "I LOVE that nam!" I love Tony, too. That goes without saying.

Becky said...

Uh, that should read, "I LOVE that man." Just thinking about that game gets me all excited again.

Channon said...

I'm far from ready for Christmas. No tree, one gift that must ship out still on the needles, etc.


IndigoMuse said...

Thanks for the love! ((((Big Hug right back at you)))). And um, your brother has some might big feet...

Margaret said...

Christmas? Two weeks? Haven't even started. Yikes!