Sunday, December 23, 2007

Just in the "Nick" of Time!

Christmas knitting....DONE!!

You all know about his pair of Fetching,
but yesterday I was able to finish up 2 more pair to complete my "gift knitting" for the year!

Fetching pair #2!

Fetching pair #3!!

I didn't "model" these...I realized I have very "old" looking hands! Geez, not even my hands are "model material"! One thing I am proud of is the fact I have my Granny's hands both in appearance and talent.

While playing around with the camera yesterday...I took these shots. Sort of sums up my feelings last week!

Anyone want to "name" them? I just thought they were pretty cool...

Happy Eve of the Eve!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


chanknits said...

Pretty! Sadly, I'll have to take a cute photo of Sissy and the stole in progress and email them to my stepmom tomorrow. At this rate, I'm wondering if it will get done anytime soon...

Love those wild shots too.

Mary said...

Impressive! Fetching is on my list of to-do's, one of these days. Three pairs -- you're just a show-off! ;-)

I'm not creative as far as naming photos -- I'd just call them "holiday twinkles" or something lame like that. Surely someone else can name them better!

Have a great Christmas, Robin!

Becky said...

I'd call the first picture "Warp Speed" and the second one "Bubbles of Love." I don't know why. That's just what they impressed me as.

Today's word verification: baadyru

So why are you baad?

Margaret said...

Umm, "Holiday Vertigo" :)
Very nice Fetchings! And I just noticed that not only is your avatar having her way with the snowman, but she has some rockin' xmas lites going on!

Robin said...

I like Holiday Vertigo! That kind of sums up my feelings last week! I haven't knit Fetching but want to do a pair. Actually, I have several people in mind for them. What yarn did you use?