Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas Knitting Progress!!

I'm feeling the weight lift...
I know, I know, It's only pressure I put on myself but I truly enjoy making and giving gifts to my family & friends. Last year Mom got the sweater well, Chase did too but that's because I got a REALLY early start on my knitting.
This year it's Dad's turn. This pattern is fun to knit but next time maybe for a smaller person! Dad's a size 52...I believe I stated before that I felt like I was knitting and knitting...while getting no where! Well, I got somewhere!! Finished!!!! I still need to block it...the pattern wants to accordion.
When choosing the pattern I wanted something Aran and "Santa-ish"...what do you think? (Note: it's my turtleneck, I don't think my Dad is much of a T-neck wearer)
Cheltenham Sweater Vest by Michelle Wyman
Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool nearly 2 skeins

While we are on the subject of "Dad" or this time of year I should say Santa!

This picture was taken a month ago...can you believe it? When I was a kid Santa arrived the weekend following Thanksgiving.
He was "THE" Santa that arrived at the mall...what a scene it was! They hired a white carriage drawn by 2 snow white horses to bring him amongst the throngs of adoring fans...a snow machine was going, it was quite a scene! He was totally swarmed. I told Hubby afterwards it was like a Rock Star arriving at the venue! He was glowing...Dad~I mean Santa really loves this job! If you happen to visit Valley View Mall this Christmas season, say "Hello"! (There are 2 Santa's this year that have real beards...but SantaDad has dyed his hair snow white this year!)

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


IndigoMuse said...

So glad you got the sweater finished. It did seem to suck up a lot of time. Its quite handsome! Hope he likes it.

Nikki said...

Your sweater is lovely! I'm sure SantaDad will love it!

Mary said...

That vest looks very Santa-like! You must get a picture of him wearing it!

Becky said...

Wow! Is that really your Dad? He makes a great Santa. He almost looks like the real one.

Alana - Knit Wit said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's fun making new "bloggy" friends! I have yet to tackle a sweater, so I admire the one you made for your dad. It turned out great! (And what a great Santa he is!!)

I do like your kitty-- Attitude and all!! My doggies have a couple of huge cushions that could sure use a trip through the washer, too.

Dana said...

Bless your father's heart! It takes a courageous and sweet individual to be Santa Claus. Your photo of him is fabulous.

His sweater is equally wonderful too; it's beautiful Robin.

(P.S. Love your virtual tree).

Margaret said...

It's going to look totally Santa-like on him! Yes, we definitely want to see pictures of him in it!

Bobbi said...

Oh, man! You grew up at the North Pole! Lucky you!!! Toy tester?

Diana said...

Perfect vest for Santa to wear under his jacket!!! Great knitting! I've heard that Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool was nice. I'll have to look into it. Only 2 skeins too! Can't beat that.

emmy said...

That vest will look great on Santa/Dad! I wish I would be near Valley View over the holiday season but it doesn't look likely.I would have loved to take my son to see such an awesome realistic Santa. Congratulations on finishing the vest!