Thursday, December 06, 2007

Coffee Swap Topic of the Week

I want you to make coffee talk with someone new either by blog post or email where available that you don't know and make a post on your blog about what you have learned about someone else other than your secret pal or the friends you already know. You can talk about projects they are working on, coffee they like to drink or this Wintery Season in your part of the world right now. Some of my best blogging friends I have gotten to know, were from just going down the roll and checking out blogs and leaving comment on their post. So, that is it. Go, fix you a hot cup of coffee and find you someone to chat with.

Things have been crazy here at "The Knittin Coop"...knitting like a crazy chick, so I'm late in getting this post up!
Because Ravelry and the new Knitty has sucked me into the "pattern search" I've spent time in "The Vortex"! Like I NEED more projects to queue!

I visited Alana first, and was immediately drawn because of her profile picture...she has 2 boxers. My "four-legged" nephew is a boxer, Hank...they have such sweet faces and an equally sweet personality.
Then I scrolled down the list and found a name I really liked...Maggii, the name of my favoriteonly niece! She's made me what to go bake some Pumpkin Bread!

Excuse me...I think I need to step over the the coffee shop, their new Christmas Blends are out and I've suddenly gotten the NEED for a "Cup of Joe"!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


Dana said...

Mmmm...Ravelry. I've spent more time there perusing the patterns than actually working lately. It's sooo addictive.

And now you tell me Knitty's out. Well, there's the lunch hour. Have a great one and enjoy your coffee!

JustApril said...

That cup of coffee looks WAY too good!

Terri said...

Does it help to know that it's crazy everywhere at this time of year throughout the world? Probably not. Hang in there sister. :o) Thanks for the heads up about Knitty. I'll go look...yeah like I need more projects too!

emmy said...

I still have to find someone I don't know and get to know them! I also need to check my swap email so I can check on my pal since it has been awhile since I have done that. Thanks for the reminders!