Sunday, December 30, 2007

We Interupt Your Blog Reading For~

Knitters Are Reproducing By The Thousands...Maybe More!
Children of knitters everywhere are beginning to experience awkward symptoms~~Adult knitters are rejoicing in their success!
Don't be upset or deny the possibility~~Rejoice!! This CAN happen to YOUR kids!
Be on the lookout for these strange habits and be HAPPY for it:
*Fondling yarn
*Questioning knit patterns in store bought sweaters, saying "I can do that"!
*Feeling the gravitational pull to Yarn Shops EVERYWHERE
*Going brain-dead at a Fiber Festival or the sensation of panic & anxiety upon parking at such a Festival.
*Obsessively collecting yarns...yes, Sock Yarn counts!

My baby girl has picked up the needles again! She was taught 6 or 7 years ago and has finally decided it's "cool" to knit! What's next...blogging about it? I am a proud KnitMom!! Hey...what about a bumper sticker~~"Proud Parent of a Knitter"?

Beware actual Knitting Content follows~~

Speaking of Knitting, Yes I've been busy knitting since finishing up all my Christmas gifts. But first Sonya had been calling my name, she's been feeling VERY neglected as of late.

So the Eva Braun saga continues...if you are a new reader of my ramblings or need a refresher go HERE

Here are the first 2 skeins.
I love this fiber, I put it through 3 washings and left a small amount of "grease" in it. I can't begin to tell you how soft my hands are after I finish working with it...yet another bonus!
What will it all be when I'm done? I'm hearing whispers of a cabled cardigan...what do you think?
Feel like fondling fiber now huh?

Oh...about the knitting!

I'm up to my "arm-pits" in Kauni! This is as much fun as a cable pattern, I LOVE's one of those projects you don't want to put down each new row the pattern is revealed!
Yesterday's road trip gave me about 3 hours of pure knitting time!

YARN P0RN & Accessories~~

I have so much to show and no time to do it all in this post, so I'm going to scatter items about in future posts.

My buddy from the "Homeland" GourdonGirl was VERY good to us this year!

Here's the "fiber content" of the package (be patient...I have other goodies to share from her package)
Pretty~Pretty Opal my favorite colors of course! But then again I LOVE color!!


From "Down Undah" my buddy Terri sent me a GREAT Aussie Knit magazine, which has lots of projects I've earmarked.

...and THESE adorable stitch markers! SO ME!! Huh?

I did "gift" myself this year...sometimes it's better that way! So I custom ordered from Scout these!

My very own UVA sockyarn and Dallas Cowboys!! Aren't they pretty!?!? (don't answer that Mary...BTW-I predict your team will win today)

Keep On Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


Nikki said...

oooo what lovlies... and congrats on being the mother of a knitter! I must admit Mom was tickled to death when I called her one day and said "I tried to teach myself how to knit but I think I'm doing it wrong"

Mary said...

What's next for your knitting baby chick -- how about Ravelry?!

Love the yarn you spun -- lovely, and yes, I agree, a cabled cardigan just might be the ticket. From sheep to sweater... admirable! Do you hand- or drum-card your fiber?

Love all your goodies, and Scout did a great job on those yarns, and every football fan should have some socks in their teams' colors. I'm hoping we win today -- the Cowboys have nothing to lose, and we have everything to gain. The weather will make things miserable, and I predict it will be mostly a running game for us, i.e., mud! Here's hoping no one gets hurt....

Opal said...

I think it's great that your daughter is knitting! Maybe you're daughter will even start her own knitting blog soon?

Your handspun is lovely! I admire your perseverance in all that carding. I prefer to just buy my fiber ready to spin. Fiber prep is not my thing, but I admire people who can do it to the nth degree.

Happy New Year!

chanknits said...

Let's try this again. My laptop and Blogger's comment boxes aren't doing well...

Love the Wahoo colorway, and the chicken stitch markers.

Congrats on the next generation of knitting at the coop!

Terri said...

What a lovely bundle of goodies you have there!! :o) Your daughter is lovely. So glad she has picked up the needles again. My two are not knitting at the moment, but periodically get the bug and have to knit a scarf. Happy New Year to you Robin! Hope 2008 is brilliant for you. :o)

Rachel said...

I bet you are proud of your daughter knitting...I know that when I finally decided I wanted to do 'domestic' things like cook and knit, my mom was pretty ecstatic. I think it balances what she feels about me spending so much time in the woods and in helicopters!

Some amazing yarn and WOW on the Kauni--it's beautiful!

Marianne said...

We are ALL proud of your daughter for picking up the yarn and pointy sticks! My daughter doesn't really knit but mercy, she is a HUGE yarn ho! loves the yarn, wants the yarn, just to have and fondle and gaze upon with love...

Beautiful goodies, that fox with the hens stitchmarkers, those are priceless! and Kauni is just gorgeous!

JustApril said...

Yaay for spawning new knitters! Cool stuff, too, esp the stitch markers =)
Kauni is GORgeous!

Miss Me said...

i've got my older son knitting... and he has a friend who also knits! who knew??? if your daughter doesn't take up blogging, perhaps you'll have to post her projects for us to enjoy...? i'm curious as to what she is working on in the photo! : )