Friday, March 30, 2007


Knitting Blues....

I've got a definite pattern to my knitting you notice it? No, I didn't plan it this way...but it is very Springy! Don't you think?

~~Baby Boy sweater
~~Civil War Shawl
~~Clapotis in...shades of blue & yellow; which I'm using Wool in the Woods Ladera--color-Rainforest...this is a rayon/cotton/nylon blend that is so fluid it's going to drape nicely as Clapotis
~~Baby Blanket in yellow

It doesn't appear as thought I'm going to have anything to add to my NascarKnitters totals...just a DNF!

There is a major splash of color in my knitting...wanna see?

My Toe, not "toe-up"...toe socks! Actually they will be thong socks. I have a favorite pair of sandals that I wear all summer for work, walking and hiking...after all that's what they are made for!

The picture really doesn't do the colors justice, but you know me and the color turquoise! LOVE IT!

Other splashes of color taking place are in my yard/garden:

The last of my Phlox. I should have known not to plant it by the mailbox...everyone who walks their "male" dogs by the house have managed to kill all but this small patch!

Then there's my beloved Dogwood...not quite in full bloom yet but I couldn't resist taking this shot!

Then we're back to yellow yellow tulips have finally opened!

It got cold last night so I worried about my new foliage on my tender perennials that's emerging...after a thorough check everything seems okay! I can't wait to show you photos of my Blaze Azalea! By then you'll be totally bored with my posts.... ever get the feeling you are being watched? Well, while I was taking pictures of my knitting above I looked up and only about 3 feet away from me I saw this...

They are not afraid of me...In fact they will sit and laugh at me! I offer them plenty of field corn but they prefer to raid my bird feeders of it's contents...and just when you think you've out smarted them, they learn a new trick! Now they hurl themselves at the back of the house to knock as much seed out of the feeder hanging from the gutter~just out of's hilarious! I bought them a Squngee, but there to darn smart to jump on it...instead they find ways of "pulling" it to them!
I'm going to make my goal! 2 more miles and I'll have completed my 100 miles!! Next...100 miles by July 1....anybody wanna join me?

Have a GREAT weekend...

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & Walkin'!


Bobbi said...

Wow! We have NO color here yet! The grass is just starting to green and my forsythia hasn't even shot its greens yet, much less blooms! Enjoy!

Sue J. said...

Lovely photos, as usual. Your color photos just make me feel good looking at them. I know about going in streaks vis-a-vis color choices. It's never on purpose, just what yarn calls to us when we start a project. It's snowing like mad here. First time in two years and the moisture is much needed. Have a great weekend.

Nikki said...

very purty flowers! and very springy knitting. Can't wait to see your shawl in progress!

Mary said...

I love all the blues! And especially the turquoise in the toe sock. Blue/blue-green/teal/aqua/turquoise -- all my favorite colors!

Congrats on your upcoming success with the 100 miles walk. :-) No, my lazy butt won't be joining you for the next 100!

Lots of stuff blooming these days -- love spring!

Robin said...

That dogwood is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Love the knitting, too. Such a nice shade of blue.

Diana said...

I love blue and yellow together. I think I need more blue in my knitting too. I am loving the spring flowers. How great to have a pink dogwood. The one I had died several years ago.

KnitNana said...

Love the shades of yellow and blue!
And your garden makes me think I should be showing off my new yard, too! Such pretties you have...
Can't WAIT to see those Toe Socks!