Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spinning Rainbows...

Robin spent her time spinning this wonderful *rainbow* colored fiber she received in a swap...the person she got it from thought it was a dyeing mistake...look at these amazing colors! She says the fiber is telling her it wants to be a shawl...*Robin's Technicolor DreamShawl*!!

This is the size of the group on Friday!! The room was packed...the only spaces left were at the entrances! Of course, I had saved the chair next to me for Robin...shortly after taking this picture I went on "The Hike"...and yes, I'm still sore!

When I arrived home I found a package waiting on me...

My Prepster roving from Scout...4oz of superwash merino!! It has yet to speak to me, maybe once I start spinning! Pretty close to Robin's fiber!!
Pretty close...huh, Robin?

Here is David's rainbow...I wish he would put all the colorways on his webpage but I bet if you email him for more information he can let you know what's available. These are just his mohair yarns.
He is having some difficulties doing his dyeing at home and hopefully all that will be fixed very soon...I've put in a special request for Dolphin Dance & Black Cherry Moonrise!

Speaking of amazing talents...Robin makes her own soaps & body butters for sale...of course I bought...a lot! The name of her business? Robin's Nest~~that happens to be the name of my first sewing business! Her motto...."Cleaning the World~One Spinner at a Time"!

These little gals followed me home...aren't they precious? Little Lammi purses...one for me~~the other for Maggie!
Yes, I'm still a child at heart!! I just have a soft spot for sheep...really I want their fleece!! Easter is almost upon us and I'm checking out all the stuffed animals everywhere I go!
There's a nice big one at the local grocery store I'm thinking about...I just don't know where I'll put him!

Knitting classes went very well today...JH and I are enabling a whole new generation of knitters! There was a possibility of having 10 students, however we ended up with 5...of the sweetest young ladies! They are catching on quickly...several already had an idea of what they wanted eventually make.

Well...I think I can eeek out one more posting from my weekend! Tomorrow I will show what I came home with, along with some of the sweetest pictures!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & Walkin'!!


Nikki said...

It sounds like y'all had a great time!! I'm glad the knitting classes went well!

gourdongirl said...

That rainbow yarn is WOW.

Told you the classes would be fun!

Marianne said...

Alright, had to reach for the drool towel, mop up the mess...yummy handspun and all.that.fibre. wowza.
I'm so glad the knitting class went so well.

Bobbi said...

Like I've said before...I'm afraid to learn to spin...just what I need; another addiction!

Mary said...

Looks like a great weekend, Robin. Lamb purses -- how perfect are they?!

Yours and Robin H.'s handspun are both just beautiful!

Dianne said...

Thanks for sharing the 'pretties'..and the lovely pix from the trip..that's such a pretty area up Mabrys Mill..Is this an annual event?..Regional?..Looks like a great time..and some 'bodacious' yarn. Happy Knitting~~