Sunday, March 25, 2007

One of Many More to Come!

Wellington will be my model today...

I actually have a FO to post about! As I stated in yesterday's post I've spent more time with my spinning & fleece and not so much with knitting! So to be able to post about an actual finished object is a surprise to me!
You can't really see the little cables up the front, but there are 3 rows of cables on each the "perfect button" search begins!
I used Bernat's Softee Baby 100% (eeewwh) Acrylic. Yes, I'm a yarn snob...and I really came to the realization last week when I met my Aunt (who I haven't seen in almost 20 years) who's making crocheted afghans out of the stuff....The afghans are gorgeous...I just had such a hard time touching it!
But what else do you use for a baby who's going to spit-up and poop all over everything they wear? Not to mention the fact they might be allergic to other materials?! One thing about baby yarns...they are soft to the touch! So~I admit it....I'm a Yarn Snob!!

This is the first of what's going to be a very busy "Baby Knitting" summer! I love to knit, and want so badly to knit for charity...but in some way, when I think about it I guess I do, I rarely knit anything for myself. I'm always thinking of others...does that qualify?

I've joined another "exchange"...I just couldn't resist this one~Sara is such a nice person and comments on my blog regularly, and one of the people I want to meet up with on our trip next year. I encourage anyone interested to give this one a shot! Knitters Treat Exchange

Here's the answers to my Questionnaire:
1. What's your favourite type of yarn?? Anything soft and natural.
2. What's your least favourite type of yarn? Acrylic or Fun Fur
3. What's the first thing you do when you visit a new yarn shop? A quick jaunt through the store then I hit the...“What’s New” display...magazines...and anything I don't think I'll find at home (because my LYS is horrible).
4. What other crafts do you do / would like to do? I’m a spinner but I want to learn to weave!
5. What magazines do you currently subscribe to? IK Knits & Spin Off
6. Put this type of magazine in order of preference:Knitting / Crochet / Other Craft / Food / Home / Fashion / Celebrity Gossip / Garden Knitting/Garden/Food/Home/Other Craft/Crochet/Fashion/Celebrity Gossip
7. What items do you like to knit / crochet? ? I’m constantly knitting socks!
8. Are you allergic to anything? I have year round allergies…I just learn to live with them
9. What do you like to* smell of?(*This is not a typo. The question is: What do you like to smell of) Melon, citrus or vanilla, very light scents nothing really heavy or flowery.
10. What's your favourite way to relax? ? Knitting, spinning or reading
11. You're stood in front of a Victorian style sweetshop, an Italian cafe, an old fashioned bakery and a dainty tea room. Where do you go first? (this is a hard one) Italian CafĂ© (then I’d hit all the others)
12. What do you come out with? ? Hopefully they would have gelato! If not Biscotti or Canolli
13. Where do you go next? (which one is closest? Because I’d hit them all) Victorian Style Sweetshop or maybe to a nearby park to enjoy my goodies and listen to the birds sing and knit!!
14. Any other words of wisdom for your pal? ? I’m a fairly new tea drinker but a lifetime coffee drinker and I have a serious sweet tooth!

Okay...time to go outside and enjoy the weather we are having! Forecast...another 80 degree day!! WooHoo!!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & Walkin'!!!!


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

The little sweater is adorable!

momsue84 said...

I joined the same exchange. It does sound like so much fun. I agree about being a yarn snob. I'm just terrible, but I'm not going to knit with yarn I can't stand. Although, the acrylic for babies does make a lot of sense. The sweater is adorable and so is the sheep. I hope you do tons of knitting for yourself, too.

Mary said...

Love the little sweater! And it might just last longer than a wool one that they'd mistakenly throw in the washer. Of course, there's always superwash....

Friender said...

You are the first Knitters Treater I've found who said the Italian Cafe..and cannoli as well! JUST LIKE ME! And I'm a yarn snob, too. Wow, i do hope they match us up. :) Take care and happy knitting.

Marianne said...

The sweater is truly lovely, and although I am a bit of a yarn snob also, I can see where acrylic is a good choice for it is amazing how nice and soft some of the acrylics are nowadays, and always...throw in the washer and easy is that.

IndigoMuse said...

Wellington is too cute in that sweater. And I'm so with you on how acrylic feels - yuck! I want to make a blanket for a new baby that's due any day and can't bring myself to buy any acrylic but know that it needs to be easy to care for.