Sunday, March 18, 2007

At Last...

Everyone survive the festivities of yesterday? Anyone feeling green? Not me...those days are all in my past...I'm old now!

The Jaywalkers are finished! This is my only addition to this weeks NascarKnitters total--

100 grams.

Yarn used:

Austermann Stepp Color #05.

I've been so busy working on my merino fleece that I've really neglected my knitting! Including my Civil War Shawl, I was supposed to finish up to row 68...I'm only on row 58! I'll post pictures of the progress...maybe tomorrow!

This fleece is A LOT of work, but it's going to be SO very worth it! I took a small piece that I teased and washed it under the faucet...OH MY!

This is not washed but look at the crimp! AMAZING!
I can't wait to start spinning this fleece!

Not much more I can blog about...too much knitting to catch up on! Anyone want to donate to "The Robin Fund"? There may be a trip to Scotland in my future!

And yet one more shot of Mr Ace....he has more sleeping positions than you could ever imagine! You should have seen him snuggling up next to the radiator heater...that wasn't on!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' and Walkin'!!! (it's still pretty darn chilly here)


Robin said...

Love the socks!! I have got to do that pattern! I know - I'm probably the only one who hasn't done it. I read about the The Robin Fund ---- I thought you were collecting money for me!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Good job on the socks! Glad to see I'm not the only person who has not made the Jaywalkers either. :) I have been busy too. I hope to get a signed book or two on Thursday for the KAL as a future prize. ;)

Nikki said...

Well, that makes 3 of us that haven't done the Jaywalkers yet. I started them but frogged the pair, wasn't happy with the yarn.

I really like that colorway you used!

Marianne said...

Robin in the comments, I have yet to make the jaywalkers, but hope to soon...and Robin, your Jaywalkers are lovely!
Where do we send donations?

Mary said...

I assume that crimp is good? Have fun with it! Love the Jaywalkers, by the way. :-)

Diana said...

Haven't knit the Jaywalkers either! I have been wanting to try that Austermann Stepp yarn though so I can do both!! I like your color choice too. Oh, if I could only get as comfortable as my cats seem to!!

Dianne said...

Totally lovely socks!!I've not done the pattern either..
A trip to Scotland?..sounds fabulous..if everyone contributes the price of one nice'll have spending money!~Happy Knitting

Sandra said...

Dang Woman...those are some Seriously Cool Sox!