Thursday, March 15, 2007


I received some really *unusual* answers about my post yesterday (which were not a surprise considering the subject)! They were fun to read and okay Marianne you can stop jumping around's the answer!

Bobbi's hubby Doogie found out what my little "charm" is! Way to go Doogie (only you better buy Bobbi one now!)

It's a "Cong Love Token" from County Mayo in Ireland! The inscription on the underside says:
"Where it's a symbol of love always watching ever giving. Whoever carries it has a promise of love in their arms, 'not of I love you because I need you, but of I need you because I love you."

It is quite unusual that you would give someone a 'rat' because you love them...but the Celts had some really unusual symbols anyway! I have a very wonderful and thoughtful husband...I treasure gifts such as this!

So there you go...Happy St. Paddy's Day! Be sure and visit your nearby Scottish or Highland Games (this is the biggest one in our area), you too may find a special token for your sweetie!

Gotta run....Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' & Walkin'!!


Mary said...

Pretty cool! I wouldn't have guessed that at all.

Our highland games are in the fall, and after all the fun I had at last year's event, I'm going to make it an annual occurance. Burly men in skirts - yum!

Marianne said...

The little rat really is a beauty, and the sentiment? heart touching soul.
I have a friend who used to live in that neck of the woods...and went to the Gathering there a couple of times, she said it was truly amazing.
I'm a member of Clan Gunn

Nikki said...

ya know, at first thought we think "ew! Rats!" but I had a friend who had a pet rat and it was very sweet and affectionate. I'm sure that's the kind of rat your token is modeled after :)

Sara said...

ah well there ya go! I wouldn't have gotten that at all.

lemmie said...

hi robin,
thanks so much for your kind words about my cat - they really are part of our families. good to see that ace is in good health and cute too :)

thanks again, susan aka lemmie

Doogie said...

Well, Robin - here's the link to buy the cong love token:

Our local highland games are in August..and Gaelic Storm is playing in Milwaukee tonight!! Just another good reason to run around in a kilt!

And I'm Clan McFarlane....