Monday, April 02, 2007

Opening Day 2007!!

I let my son talk me into Fantasy Baseball, oh boy~~
Go Birds...okay, enough of that!

And I'm still allergies are in high gear, today I've felt as though I'm recovering from a Benadryl hang-over~(everything seems to move in slow motion). I LOVE Spring but it doesn't love me!

I've been playing with my fiber so much...not much knitting to talk about. I had to *tink* back a few rows of my Civil War Shawl (what a pain in the rear) because there was an error I didn't "read" about....
*Tinking* lace sucks! Lifelines are a good thing but, why go back more rows than needed to fix the problem?!? Anyway...

Getting ready for "The Urbanna trip"...hoping to stop by The Yarn Lounge on my way through Richmond...we'll see! It'll be good to see my BIL's and maybe get some fishing in! My BIL lives on an island, yes, you heard me island in the Rappahannock River! It's an oystershell island their grandfather created back in the 40's!

This picture is of the island as it sat prior to him building the house on it (2000)...what you see in the picture is the old office building (which was torn down before construction began), the oyster house was destroyed by Hurricane Hazel. Hurricane Isobel hit right after the completion of the new survived however, the jetty is gone along with the old boat shed and both duck blinds.
Hurricane Isabel also was the end of the family business! Three generations...gone! I must say a waterman's life is a hard life! I've never known work that is so grueling as a waterman's...maybe it's because I a "landlubber" as I'm told!

Well...I've got some fiber calling to me...

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


Nikki said...

I love spring too!!

Are you still thinking about a stitch and pitch?

Issy said...

I know I'm full of hot air! But the hurricane was "Isabel" . I'm Isobel. It was alot of fun (not) after the hurricane hit as I work for an insurance company. You can imagine what it was like answering the phone!
I love the idea of living on an island-cool.

Bobbi said...

Sending all kinds of good vibes your way for the upcoming weekend. A wool stop always helps too!

IndigoMuse said...

Have fun in Urbanna. I'll wave to you as we're driving through to the beach.


gourdongirl said...

I'm back, just in time for you going away!!!!

Enjoy your break.

How far did you have to tink the shawl....I IS a major pain when you have an error in a lace pattern. Thankfully I read all thye errors etc before I started!!!!