Monday, April 09, 2007

No Longer A Virgin!!!

As promised yesterday...Fibery Good News to share!

Remember when I was trying...and trying....and trying to win that STR (Socks That Rock) yarn and relinquish my virginal state of never having knit with this mysterious yarn? Well...I now have some! Back in January my knitting buddy Nikki had a contest...well, one thing and another kept me from Knit Night until last Thursday. She arrived with a goody bag for me, which not only held my prize but a toy for Ace...unintentional, of course. The mylar wrapping paper gained his complete fascination!

The little lamby is to add to my rapidly growing collection of sheepies!

I LOVE this yarn...and this color is fantastic!

We think he's trying to get at the "kitty" in the paper!
He can make a toy out of anything!! Have you seen his rubber roach? freaks everyone out when they see it. Even I have high stepped it early in the morning when I'm still half asleep!


On our trip this weekend I managed to stop by TYL while traveling back through Richmond! You know....I love going to yarn shops but I go TOTALLY brain dead once I walk through the door! I forget the items I'm looking for....I fall into a trance while fondling the yarns...Please tell me I'm normal! I've been reading on their blog about all the new yarns coming in! And knowing that Sedalia (GourdonGirl I have you on my shopping list) is coming up on this Saturday I had to reduce my purchase....greatly! I could only choose one yarn to buy...

So I bought Blue Sky Cotton...and the color?! Yep, you guessed it~Turquoise!
And before you ask, I have no idea what I'm going to make with it yet....just had to have it!

The little lamb I found at Barnes and Noble...cutie huh? Another addition to the collection.

Knitters Treat Exchange has started, I received my match ups! This is going to be so much suspense, well a little but it doesn't go on for months. A one time exchange at which time we reveal our identities to each other.

I hate Mondays....means going back to work! With all the traveling we did I don't feel like I stopped long enough to sleep!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!!


Emma said...

Oooh, congrats on the STR! You're going to love it.

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Enjoy all that yummy yarn!

The little sheep are SO CUTE.

Have a great week.

Dianne said...

How old is BIL?..not for me..haha, but I have a sister..single after 35+ years of marriage..she's in Fl...

Emma said...

To answer your question--which, sadly, it took me a while to figure out--the little chicks are a set our friends brought us back from Brazil. I'm sure they have some significance, but I just think they are cute!

Nikki said...

So glad Mr Ace liked his "prize" as much as you did! :)

Bartholamew will make a toy out of anything and if it's a bag that's all the better!

Anne Margaret said...

I am SO with you about your mind going vacant upon entering a yarn store - especially The Yarn Lounge. On our last trip, the kids picked out some Malabrigo for hats because of the sample they had out. If not for that, I would have left without knowing what to buy!! Yarn nirvana or delerium?

Mary said...

Oh, you grabbed my favorite color of Blue Sky -- I scouted it out on the Yarn Lounge's blog! Gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing what you knit with it!

I, too, go brain-dead in yarn shops, which is why I often leave them without having purchased anything, because I'm on sensory overload. That's probably a good thing, though....

Here's hoping I show the same restraint on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you there!

KnitNana said...

Ohhh...that STR colorway is gorgeous, what IS it? You'll love knitting with STR!!!
Isn't it hysterical to see kitties react to things they don't understand!