Friday, April 20, 2007

On the Road to Healing...

Orange and Maroon Effect....
As many of you are already aware today was "Hokie Hope" day, a nationwide effort to band together as one. Salem attempted something today that was pretty amazing, on one days planning I might add. At noon the City's bell rang out 32 times for each victim of Monday's tragedy and those who assembled joined hands to make a human chain of support for Virginia Tech. A pretty amazing event...and I forgot to take my camera! If I find any pics on the web or links to it I'll pass them along your way.

On Monday I was just getting ready to post a surprise my buddy Krafty1 "popped" on me in an effort to relieve me of my "virginal" state...but Nikki beat her to it just a few days prior. But as you can see I've been side tracked from knit blogging this week.
More STR has been showered upon me...this colorway is called....are you ready?
Henpecked!! With the help of Krafty1 I hope we can come up with an appropriate "chicken footed" pattern! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

I'm still plugging right along on my Civil War Shawl, toe socks and baby blanket...and of course, playing with my fiber!

I'm getting ready to mail out my Knitters Treat Exchange package...I'm just waiting on one item to arrive before I ship it! My pal and I have much in common yet live very, very far away from each other!

On Wednesday to escape watching the news and to generally get my mind off current events I visited the 19th century at Virginia's Explore Park...and getting a few dulcimer playing lessons while giving some knitting lessons!
I must learn to rub my head and pat my stomach at the same time because strumming the dulcimer is coming very hard for me! See my concentration?? shawl is perfect!!

The weather has turned for the I must go enjoy it as much as I can! Who knows when it might snow again!!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'


Sue J. said...

Oooooooh, Socks That Rock. Honey, you are going to get so hooked. I love the stuff. So will you. Enjoy!

Bobbi said...

Still working on the chicken feet pattern.
Glad you had an opportunity to "flee" to another time when televisions were non-existent.

Sara said...

Tee Hee, some matches were made very easily! Glad you are enjoying yout treatee.
Love that STR. must break my virginial state at some stage ;-)

Nikki said...

what a great STR color!!

Maybe one of the local stations have some pictures on their website? I know ch 10 was there. I can't believe what they managed! I cried when I heard the plans on the radio this morning and tried to figure out if I could manage it at lunch (I couldn't :( )

Dianne said...

What a moving tribute!! I bet there are pix out there..
STR..lucky you!!That is awesome yarn but LYS doesn't have and can't get..but I will order some at some's too pretty to not have some on my feet!!
Have a great weekend..Happy Knitting~~

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Salem's tribute sounds like a very healing, caring and touching time.

Oklahoma City also had the memorial of the Murrah Federal building bombing (12 years) and included words of concern and comfort for all those affected by the VT tragedy.

Enjoy your knitting and dulcimer. I love the photo of your 19th century visit!

Dianne said...

I loved how they did the Salem Pix in the paper today..although small and I could not find you..still very touching!!
Happy Knitting

Mary said...

I like your yarn and your shawl and think the dulcimer is way cool. I play guitar, and want to learn the mandolin someday -- I think I could teach myself -- just need to find one I like.

abhishek said...

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IndigoMuse said...

You DO look like you're concentrating hard on that dulcimer. It looks like its played sorta like an autoharp.